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The Frontlynaz Conference: A Call to Action
By Kimberly Miller

1 Timothy 4:12. It is a verse that every Christian is taught in their youth. The verse is often used at youth conferences, Bible studies and youth groups alike with the purpose of motivating teens to live their lives for Jesus Christ. On August 17th and 18th, the Rock Church hosted the Front Lynaz Conference designed to do just that-- encourage young people to live their lives for God.

The conference gave teens and young adults the opportunity to come together in the hopes of learning something new about their faith. Those who attended were given not only inspiration, encouragement, and lessons from God’s word to live our lives on fire for Christ, but we were given a challenge: witness, spread the good news to all people in everything that you do.

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.” 1 Timothy 4:12. Those are beautiful words. They are words of inspiration not only for teens, but for all of us to live our lives as a light for Christ.

The conference gave teens and young adults the opportunity to come together in the hopes of learning something new about their faith.

 On the second day of the conference after spending the night praying, worshiping and reading God’s word late into the night, God gave me the amazing experience of really seeing Him. That morning, surrounded by peers who used to be strangers but were now my closest friends, I stood before God completely broken, ready to hear His word and make it my life. As I joined those around me in worshiping the Lord, I began to realize that this is how I wanted to live. On my knees, with tears streaming down my face, calling out to the Lord and being heard, God not only touched my heart that morning, but the lives of all who attended the conference. I stood with three other girls, arms wrapped around each other, voices raised to God, sweet words of prayer longing to be heard. It is unlikely I would have made friends with these girls in any other situation-- we came from different backgrounds, different lives. Yet there we stood, united by the same Lord.

After a wonderful two days of being fed the word in a way that no church service or youth group has ever done before for me, the conference ended with a concert by Hip Hop artists Lecrae, Flame,Trip Lee,Tedashii and Sho Baraka. Their tour was titled the “Don’t Waste Your Life Tour,” which seemed to be the central theme of the conference-- not to waste the life that God has given you.

The concert was the highlight of the whole weekend, the icing on a nearly perfect cake. Before the night ended and we all went back to our separate lives, one of the artists at the concert, Lecrae, gave us a final word of advice. It is something I will always remember and strive to do--to live our lives with fervor for the Lord and never ever give up on being a witness to the unbelieving world.