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The Gift
By Ali Kaun

Laura Lee had stopped dancing before she found God. In hindsight, it was apparent to her now that God had started to remove the stumbling blocks in her life well before she stepped inside the four-walls of a church.

“I had started attending bible studies, but I still was not the best example for my kids. I was still drinking, still cussing, still stuck in the bondage of the industry.”

In 2005, Laura Lee got sober at Alcoholics Anonymous. By 2009, her hunger to read and obey what God said in the Bible was growing, and she couldn't put her Bible down. She found herself at a small group of a Baptist church sharing her testimony: she used to sell her body and dance, but now, because of Jesus, she didn’t do those things anymore, nor did she want to—and she wanted to tell people. 

“I remember someone in the small group asked me if I knew that the Rock Church had a stripper’s ministry. I was amazed. I didn’t know that anything like that existed.”

"We were letting women know that God loved them right where they’re at—even in the moments they were up on a stage, or on the set of a porn scene. God still loved them one-hundred percent..."

Laura Lee started attending JC’s Girls, a Rock Church outreach ministry created to encourage women at strip clubs and porn conventions. She also started attending Rock Recovery, a Christ-centered 12-Step ministry program, on a regular basis.

“My first night at JC’s Girls, I opened up and shared that I was addicted to an immoral lifestyle and asked for prayer. I would come each week and ask people to pray for me, and they did. I knew their prayers could tear down strongholds in my life.”

God was not only working within Laura Lee, He was also working through Laura Lee.

“With JC’s Girls, I would go to the strip clubs. I would go with them to porn conventions. We were letting women know that God loved them right where they’re at—even in the moments they were up on a stage, or on the set of a porn scene. God still loved them one-hundred percent and they needed to know it.”

Part of JC’s Girls ministry is encouraging women through gift giving. Often they show up to the strip clubs and porn conventions with pink bibles, gift baskets, and cookie-cakes. In the past they would bless the ladies with pink pre-made t-shirts.

“Most of the gals we minister to are used to giving of themselves to the wrong things. Receiving any sort of gift…most think there are some strings attached. But that’s the beauty of God’s love. He loves us simply, without expecting anything in return. It’s the free gift of salvation. Our love goes one way to them. They don’t have to do anything to earn it or perform for it. We know if they can accept a free gift of a bible, jewelry, or makeup, it’s a good start.”

Laura Lee explains further that most people in the industry have no idea of their value or worth in God. Some think they are too far gone for salvation.

“God put on my heart to have special compact mirrors made so we could give them to the ladies at a porn convention outreach. Inscribed in the mirrors, were the words, ‘You are precious in His sight.’ It was our hope that every time they opened those mirrors, seeds of truth would be planted—seeds God could water and grow.”

Laura Lee recalls one lady in particular who recently reached out to her.

“Our outreach team had visited a strip club one night, and there was a lady there who was very irritated with us; she wanted one of the pink t-shirts we were giving away, but that was about it. JC’s Girls loved on her. Years later, this same lady had an encounter in college where someone spoke deeply into her life about Jesus. It was at that moment that she remembered us and knew God had been pursuing her through us. She reached out. We were so encouraged to discover that she would sleep in the pink shirt we gave her, so she could feel closer to God. In December, she attended JC’s Girls bible study and shared her story.”

Laura Lee’s first sexual encounter was arranged; she was only twelve years old. It devastated her. But God continues to restore her, heal her, and give her opportunities to help others.

“God is doing something new in me. I’ve been discovering that ministry isn’t just at Rock Church, or at bible study or in strip clubs—it’s every day. It’s my life. I go to the park on my lunch hours and just pray for people.”

The kind of dancing Laura Lee does now? Worship flag dancing at churches and ballroom dancing at a senior home with her new friends.

“Three years ago, my eldest son of four children gave me a beautiful gift—a ring for Mother’s Day. I wore it on my right hand to signify restoration in our relationship. Last year, I was re-baptized and moved the ring from my pointer finger on my right hand to my wedding finger on my left hand. I was so happy that it fit. I wear it now to remind me that I'm married to God. Jesus is our groom and we are the church, His bride; we belong to Him.”

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