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God is Provider
By Rock Church

In early 2010, Cisco Villasenor took a huge leap of faith. He sensed God calling him to leave his full time job to volunteer and serve full-time, with his wife Naomi, on the leadership team at Impact 195. After much prayer His wife and daughter supported his decision, but all recognized that as a family they were going to have to rely on God to provide for them in every way. They had stepped out in faith before, but God was clearly upping the ante. For the last 4 YEARS God has faithfully paid their bills, provided for them to help lead Impact195's first short-term team to Haiti, over a dozen Impact wilderness trips and even paved the way for them to be sent out as the group leaders for our long-term team in Oaxaca Mexico!

Back in July 2010, Cisco said "Naomi and I are just amazed that it's mid July and we are still here; our needs are being met and we have been able to do ministry as a family while not neglecting family time."

He recounts one time of many that God has provided supernaturally. Cisco needed $1700 to make rent and pay bills. "On Sunday I was awake until 4am praying and crying out to God; I was questioning this kind of ministry lifestyle. But on Monday someone gave us $300 unexpectedly just because he was thankful for the impact we have made in his life. On Wednesday night I got an email from my landlord that someone had anonymously put $400 towards our rent. Then that Thursday as I was looking at our bills I discovered we still needed a significant amount to make rent. To my surprise in the mail that day was a check written to us for $1000. This amount would be sufficient for the rest of rent and the remainder of what we needed. That very day also happened to be Naomi's birthday and friends gave her a new dress, new clothes and a gift card so that we as a family could have a celebration dinner. That week God also provided a scholarship for our daughter to attend a summer discipleship program for kids her age. I was blown away and so blessed! God continues to show me that He is the provider and that He will take care of my girls as I trust Him and serve Him."

The past 4 years have proven to be an incredible time of equipping and gaining the heart of God for Cisco and his growing family – soon to be a family of 5! So much that they decided to pick up their lives and move to a place where the Gospel has not gone. The hope and provision that they have experienced, that only the one true God can provide, is now the message that they bring to others. Please pray for Cisco, his family and their team as they bring this hope to those who need it in Oaxaca Mexico!