by Candice Buckett with Dave Franco | March 3, 2019

She hasn’t had her hair done, or even touched, in years, maybe ever. 

It turns out that she is the homeless woman who hasn’t seen a mirror in a decade. Or the military wife with a house full of kids, a husband who is deployed, and not a moment for herself. Or the woman who is so poor, every penny is spent on her children—and it’s still not enough. Or the prostitute trying to get out of the industry. 

These are the women that Candice Buckett and her team of hair stylists love to serve by giving free haircuts that start by looking into the ladies’ eyes and listening to them talk about their frustrations and hopes for their hair. Then come the massages to their scalp, loving strokes to their strands, and serving them up a brand new appearance. Sometimes it’s more than these women can wrap their minds around. Nobody has catered to them and acted upon their whims in their entire lives which has rather shaped their self-perceptions: that they were undeserving of that kind of loving attention.

And while Candice and her team of volunteers are diligently tending to the outward appearances of these ladies, they know that the real change is at the heart level. What kind of people would do this for me? Who would care for me so much as to give me a luxurious free gift?

Jesus and those who love Him.

The chance to make such a difference in the lives of these women is why Candice opens her salon, Diesel Salon in Kensington, to them, for the privilege of lavishing them with the touch of Jesus. And for those who cannot make it to the salon, like many of the homeless ladies in San Diego, she will go to them.

 “We get plenty of ladies, young and old, who come from rough lives and they sit down with a lot of attitude,” says Candice, “but halfway through, they start to relax, enjoy the touch, and their defenses drop. There is nothing like looking into the faces of all these women who haven’t been pampered their whole lives and seeing the tears form in their eyes. I am grateful to God that I have this to offer them.”


If you are interested in learning more about Rock Church’s Makeover Ministry, click here.

To learn more about the Homeless Ministry at Rock Church, click here.


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