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Helping Hands of Jesus - Home Repair Ministry
By Liz James

It is amazing that until the need arises, we often do not know what to ask for when we pray, or where to go even when our prayers are answered. For these reasons, I am so thankful to God for the many ministries of the Rock Church.

I was already strapped for cash when the apartment complex I lived in raised the rent from $1350.00 to $1550.00. I knew I had to move, but it meant that I was facing the cost of moving from one apartment to another coupled with the cost of the last 30 days of living in my current apartment. I could see the stress coming fast down the road. I knew it was time that I took my concerns in prayer to Christ.

Seems simple when I look back at how things worked out, but I must give all glory to God because I had no clue how things would work out. September 3rd, I ran an ad in The Rock online classifieds seeking a rental wanted. Simply put my desires for a new place in writing and left the rest to God. Then just 5 days later and coincidently, on the day of the black-out I was sent my first and only reply. I couldn’t check my email due to the lack of electricity, but I checked the very next day and immediately called to inquire. The reply sounded perfect and to the letter of what I had asked God for in my heart. “A safe and quiet area with lots of greenery, a place to plant flowers, close by the water, upstairs 2 bedroom unit, and no pool”.

I met with the apartment manager and upon entry to the available unit; there was a cool soft breeze when first setting foot inside. It felt like a hug. I felt at home! Not only did I feel I had been led here to what would become my new home, but I had also made a new friend in the apartment manager, named Bette. It was Bette who told me of “Helping Hands” and that possibly they would help me to move since I am a single parent. Though I had never heard of this ministry, I was elated that such a ministry existed! Bette was not 100% sure they still helped people to move, but certainly there was no harm in asking so I sent an email. In the interim, I continued to pray as I felt dependent on Christ leading me in this move. I needed Him to see me through.

Brad Larsen, (the Ministry Leader of “Home Repair “Helping Hands” Ministry) responded to my email for “help moving” and I was happy! I could hardly believe that there were people out there who would be willing to help me move for just the cost of a prayer! Something I was and am always so happy to oblige! A couple emails working out the details of where and what would be moved, the moving date and time was all that was needed!

October 1st (moving day) rolled around and I was blessed with 5 angels! Those angels were Brad Larsen, Mike Provins, Mike’s son Chris, Darlene Brinson, and Mike Cook. Each drove their own vehicle (2 pick-ups and 2 cars) and each diligently and carefully packed their vehicles with my and my daughter’s belongings. Before the sun reached high noon, they had packed and unpacked all our belongings caravan style (same as they did in the Bible in Exodus) to my new apartment. I was amazed that the entire move took only a few hours! After everything was unloaded, Brad led us in a prayer of thanks and gratitude to God. I was and remain to be ever grateful to these 5 angels and even moreso to God for showing me His unconditional love by way of these special people known as the “Home Repair (Helping Hands) Ministry.”

It was not until after the prayer of thanks to God did Brad reveal to me that this would be their last move. Going forward they would solely focus in providing a “helping hand” with minor electrical jobs, carpentry, plumbing, mechanical problems, and landscaping. As noted on their homepage of the Rock’s website, “their ministry exists to serve God by assisting people who are disabled, widowed, single parents, deployed military spouses, and our esteemed elders, with home repair services”.

I know without a doubt that it was indeed the hand of Jesus working through these angels appropriately known as the “Helping Hands” Ministry that made it possible for me to move without stress or worry, and I truly thank God for each of them.

If you have a heart to help and have the genuine desire to bless others with your skills (and be also blessed) through Christ, please consider being a part of this ministry.