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Impact195 Global Update - February 2013

by Ali Kaun |


One of our Rock Ambassadors in Haiti recently blogged, "the nurturing of orphans to know God as their Father and the growth of the community of young men in the knowledge of God is a work that is well underway." Rock Ambassadors wake up daily on the island taking opportunities to love on orphans and minister to the blind and hospitalized children effected by different illnesses; this is all in addition to running a daily discipleship school with the focus of raising up local Haitians to plant churches throughout the countryside. Opportunities to be the hands, feet and face of Christ to abandoned and unattended groups of children, also abound. "These children don’t get much rest I would imagine due to their living quarters…" Daily, Rock Ambassadors continue to deliver the comfort, rest & peace only Christ can offer to them. On a recent outreach last week, team members brought members of the discipleship program and simply picked up trash to be an example of Christ and love in their community. Seven people in the community received Jesus into their hearts as a result. In addition three house churches were recently planted.

Please pray for God to grant an abundance of grace for the good works He has this team to walk in. Ask Him to bind the enemy and remove any distractions to the work of the ministry. Ask God to bless and minister to the members of the three new house churches & that daily God would be adding to their congregations as they break bread & seek Him with simplicity of heart. Pray that Jesus would encourage the students in the discipleship program in tremendous ways this week & for their planned 12.2 Life Transformation trip to be a huge success. Ask God to grant leadership a clear vision & guidance as they continue to minister to orphans, the sick, and aim to equip 30 new Haitian world changers to plant a total of 10 house churches in 2013.


The Lord continues to move powerfully in Africa! Our teams were able to push forward the efforts of oral Bible story translation with the crafting of many more stories used to share the Gospel to a people group that had never heard the name of Jesus in the history of the world. They helped to lead the very first people ever in this particular people group to Christ. Political unrest moved our teams to a new location for a time being and eventually caused our teams to make the tough decision to return home to the states. It was with great sadness that the teams returned home, but they felt that in God's sovereignty, they accomplished what the Lord had for them to do. They dared to go where no one else would go in order to boldly shine light in the darkness.

Please pray for the re-entry process of our team. For most of them, this is the first time they have been home to America in a year and a half. At times it can be an overwhelming. Pray God would grant them many opportunities to share their stories, that multitudes would be inspired and the He would make clear their next steps in service to Him. Praise God with us for the lives that were reached and will be reached because of their sacrifice.


Our teams in Asia press on in the patient work of relational evangelism! Last month one of the teams had a beautiful experience with an elderly man who accepted Jesus. "We entered the room of an older man who seemed to be paralyzed from the waist down. His toe nails were long, yellow, and cracked. One of our ambassadors sat down on the bed near his feet and started to clip them. He was missing half of a finger. His eyes were filled with sorrow and despair and there was not even a hint of joy. The translator asked him what brings him joy and happiness. He sighed a deep sigh and said, 'Nothing'. We continued to share the gospel with this man. He accepted Jesus and prayed his first prayer! Many of the elderly in the home had never heard of Jesus and they got the opportunity to accept Him for the first time too!" Our other two Rock Ambassadors have returned to the states raise more financial support and introduce their brand new baby girl to their relatives.

Please pray that God would continue to open up doors for our teams to minister to their neighbors and new friends making a livelihood in their local communities. Pray that God would encourage them and strengthen their resolve to seek Him daily and be bold in their love and care for others. Pray clarity for four additional potential team members that may join their work long term this summer. Pray that God would draw more senders to help support the work of the ministry in prayer and financial support. Pray for a continued supernatural language acquisition.


One Rock Ambassador team continues to host Friday New Life teachings for elementary and high school students on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month. Outreach in the communities continue to bring forth fruit on a weekly basis with many seeds being planted and people coming to faith! Our other Rock Ambassador team in country have been adjusting well to life with their new baby girl, Isabella. They continue to abide and press in, praying for clear vision for what 2013 will look like for their family and ministry.

Please pray for the development of booklets for new believers, for continued open doors to share the good news. Pray for God to place a burden on His people to respond prayerfully and financially to the work continuing on in Okinawa. Ask God to bless the partnership developing with local ministries that our other team in Japan is developing. Ask God to grant them a supernatural acquisition of the language and for the seeds planted in their english as a second language class to grow. Pray that God would call more i195 graduates to join the work in Japan long term.


Recently, our Rock Ambassador team has become aware of the vast numbers of children walking the streets of PI. These children often skip school, beg for money and take home all they make to support their parents. Our Ambassadors have been recently reaching out specifically to them and have been blessing them with rice, meat & something to drink all in the name of Jesus. They have also been seeking to build relationships with them. One Ambassador writes, "It is a joy to see the children laughing, smiling, with full bellies skipping away..." Our Ambassadors have also been visiting and spending quality time with families who have loved ones that are sick and/or hungry. Many families suffer from hunger because either the mom or dad are sick and cannot work to provide any source of income. Prayer and what ever food that can be afforded to be given to them is offered to them on a regular basis.

Please pray that God would continue to give our team His heart for these street children. Pray that relationships with them would go strong and that God would use our team to usher these children out of the kingdom of darkness and on into His marvelous Kingdom of Light. Pray that God would give vision and strategy to the leadership as to how best meet the needs of these families they are visiting and that if God was willing, he would heal these sick parents in Jesus name.


Our Romanian Ambassadors have been growing and thriving in many ways! Relationships have grown stronger with the locals through Bible studies and successful BBQs with the community. Many members of the team are discovering more of their unique DESIGN as the live out their faith. One Ambassador wrote on her recent blog, "I have recently discovered passions I was unaware I had. I’m being exposed to a talent I thought I could never possess. I’m learning the truth and reality of those who refuse to know God. And most importantly I am developing a clearer picture of where I really stand in my relationship with God." The youngest member of the Rock Ambassador Team recently turned one year old and has very popular with the children.

Please pray for individual relationships with locals in the community to grow deeper. Pray for God to sovereignly allow different scenarios that would allow for those cultural walls to come down. Pray for unity and grace to wash continually over the team and the other believers in town and for new opportunities to lead people to and disciple people in the ways of Jesus. Pray for a continued protection over the team's physical health.


There was much excitement and anticipation surrounding the planned departure of our Rock Ambassador India team this past January. But delay after delay in the visa process made for a few moments of discouragement. Team members had left their salary jobs, sold their cars, said good-bye to their families over the holidays only to "hurry up and wait." Waiting they did and after much worship, prayer, and an outright miracle, favor has been granted to them. The team expects to have their visas in hand within the week and plan to depart to India this February for at least one years' worth of committed service.

Please pray for continued favor in the visa approval process. Ask God to continue to strengthen the resolve of the team and encourage them daily in their devotionals and corporate time spent with Him. Pray they would be a great encouragement to the Indian people and that a pervasive hope would sweep through their english classes and various other opportunities they will have to bring joy, kindness and love to those in need of it.


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