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Phase 1 of our work in Haiti was successfully completed and all members of the Haiti team are currently stateside this summer. The work of the ministry in Haiti is currently being carried out by locals that were trained to do so and are being discipled by our teams. Phase 2 of our efforts in Haiti are in full swing with 6 Rock Ambassadors returning to Haiti this September to continue discipleship/training with the goal of planting churches in areas of Haiti that are still unreached.

Prayer Requests

Pray that God would bring a continued unity to the team going back to Haiti this fall and that additional i195 graduates would take a step of faith and join the team. Pray that God would release the funds needed personally for each team member in order to live day to day and do ministry in Haiti.



Seeds of the Gospel continued to be planted by our Africa team in the hearts of the locals. Team members have been involved with numerous home improvement projects including the building of a new hut, new roofs on two existing huts and a new "house" for the sheep. They have also been involved in the local planting and harvest projects.

Prayer Requests

Please ask God to bring healing to the Rock Ambassadors as some have been under the weather and for all the little critters in their location to be put at bay. Pray that God will also continue to open the hearts of the African people, that they might come to know the one true living God!



God has continued to open doors daily for our couples in Japan to share the love of God!  Micah and Alysia have been hosting a weekly bible study called "Friday Night Lights" and literally have opportunities every day to share about the amazing love of Jesus.  Currently they are home stateside to help raise awareness and support for the work of the ministry in Japan. Our other couple in Japan are expecting a baby during thanksgiving week!  Liz has entered her second trimester, has made great relationships with her neighbors and now is looking into opportunities to minister in orphanages, prisons and has committed to teach English as Second Language throughout the next year.

Prayer Requests

Please pray that God would bring more "senders" to support the work of the ministry in Japan through prayerful and financial partnerships.  Please ask God to grant a smooth visa renewal process and for secure housing for Micah and Alysia upon their return.  Pray for Patrick and Liz that they would continue to build significant relationships with the locals and for a continued smooth pregnancy. Please pray for continued salvations and for the hearts of the Japanese to be tenderized towards the things of God. 



The Lord has paved the way for the Romania team to share the loving Gospel of Jesus Christ with a small gypsy village in the Romanian countryside separated from the rest of society. They have been given the opportunity to completely facilitate their Sunday church service! Their heart for the people there is to break through the chains of religion and replace it with Biblical teaching, true fellowship, intimacy in prayer and worship. There are four groups of people they desire to impact most – the youngsters (infant to 12 yrs old - who make up the majority of the population of the village), the teens (they hope to launch a weekly bible study), the women (they are considered the backbone of the church and are crucial to the village accepting all the Lord has for them) and the men, (they are the most influential people in the village and control what happens there).

Prayer Requests

Please pray that the Lord would give them great vision and creative inspiration to reach the youngsters, teens, women and men of the villages. Pray that God would bless the teams' efforts to begin regular Bible studies in the villages throughout the week coupled with prayer and worship meetings.



Things are going great now that the Global Impact Center is open! They have a much busier schedule but are now able to connect with people that they were not able to connect with before. Currently, they conduct three computer classes per week, two bible study classes per week, and two kids’ classes per week. The Global Impact Center is growing in popularity as word is getting out about the success of their current classes. They currently teach music lessons every Saturday at a local church and are building wonderful relationships there. They have also been blessed with many opportunities to lead worship and teach at the church's events. There are four local believers that they are discipling that are taking their faith to the next level. These four men were considered outcast by many of the churches in the area and members of the local churches never expected those four men to ever go back to church. Now they attend church on regular basis and their witness has impacted the local community in huge ways!

Prayer Requests

Please pray for the Philippines team this August. Two Rock Ambassadors are home currently for one month to raise awareness and support for the work of the ministry. With the Library at their Global Impact Center now open and the basic responsibilities of the property – it will be a heavy load for the 3 Rock Ambassadors that remain in Pangasinan. Pray God would grant them wisdom and strength and for more opportunities to disciple locals.  



Our Rock Ambassadors have lead a Wednesday night Bible study group for six months strong now. They have been amazed by the amount of growth their group has gone through and how much they love the Lord. The Ambassadors have also been blessed with the opportunity of overseeing construction of a second school where they will train teachers and have the opportunity to share the gospel with them and the families of their students.

Prayer Requests

Please continue to pray for a smooth visa renewal process and for a continued healthy pregnancy for one of the members of the team.

IMPACT195's fall term starts September 11th.


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