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by Ali Kaun | March 18, 2013


Amidst great poverty and heartache – there is HOPE. One Rock Ambassador writes, "During meal time [at an orphanage] one little girl put her hand out and another girl spit out what she eating into her friend's hand so she could have something to eat…in fact some of the spit out food fell on the ground and her friend ate that food too…" A vivid picture of desperate children seeking food and nourishment – something many of us take for granted when our fridges are stocked with our favorite foods. But this is something Haitian Children can't take for care granted as they are dished out their portions for the day. Our Rock Ambassadors in Jeremie are doing what they can to help feed the poorest ones, using their own very limited funds. They are trying to raise funds so they can do much more than they are able to do right now. However, a food shortage, does not mean a shortage of hope.  Our ambassadors are training and discipling Haitian believers to become world changers! The discipleship school in Haiti, started last year by Rock Ambassadors is flourishing, and five house churches have been established with new believers! Haitians attending the school are gaining incredible insight as they visit the orphanages and the local hospital on a regular basis, loving on the children there. And their Saturday morning class for children has grown from a small group, to now 70-80 children being taught the Word of God.

Please Pray

Praise God for the house churches that have been planted! Pray for continued empowerment individually and corporately for church planting and for God to put it on the hearts of Haitians being discipled in Jeremie to find the means (financial support) to reach beyond Haiti to unreached people groups all over the world, particularly among French-speaking groups in former French colonies in Africa. Pray for new Rock Ambassadors to be raised up to continue the work in Haiti as some members of the current team prepare to return home in April.


After initially being denied entry visas, the India Team didn't lose heart. They continued on in prayer & weeks following the initial denial, God opened the doors and their visas were approved. The team is settling into their new home and getting acquainted with their new surroundings. Days are filled with making new friends in marketplaces & shopping for India garb. Some of the team members are recovering from various sicknesses as their bodies are getting used to the new foods and and the new environment. Their home, an amazing gift from God, is almost fully furnished. The only thing they lack currently, are beds to sleep on. Opportunities have already been presented to them to pray over many followers of Jesus in need of healing at the local church & to teach the word of God.

Please Pray

Pray for God to heal all of our team members who have been sick. Ask Him to grant them a powerful experience of Him even in the midst of their recovery. Pray that God would continue to grant them new friendships with the locals, where they can come alongside those in need and bring them hope. Pray for the continued unity of the team and for God to bind the enemy in every way he would attempt to thwart the work of the ministry. Pray that God would send His angels to protect them and the local believers they are working with.


God continues to do a powerful work in the lives of our Rock Ambassadors in Romania & those whom He has called them to serve. One Rock Ambassador writes "throughout the past eight months of life & ministry together we have grown not only as a team, but as a family…of course we still have our rough spots, being human it is only natural… In the morning, we all drink from the same coffee pot and then spend a bulk of the day together. Whether that means in and about town, or in a Gypsy village – we desire to share God's love and grace with everyone we can…" Rock Ambassadors have been helping to host a church in a Gypsy village each week. They have also sought to come to those villages on weekdays & that consistently has spoken volumes and helped to break down hard relational walls amongst the Gypsies.

Please Pray

Pray for continued team unity. Two new Rock Ambassadors will be joining the team soon. Pray for their adjustment & for the adjustment of the team as they welcome them into their home & daily lives. Ask God to continue to open doors within the villages to bring pervasive hope to the Gypsies who live there. Pray that God would provide circumstances in the lives of the gypsys that would cause them to respond to the message of love that members of the team are bringing to them. Pray for key leaders in these villages to become followers of Jesus & that they would have a desire to study Christ's life & be discipled. Ask God to continue to provide financially for each of the Rock Ambassadors.


In Japan, less than 1% of the population are Christian. It is possible to get into a conversation in Japan & many individuals in that conversation will have never heard the story of Christ. Our teams are still faithfully serving in Okinawa and beyond! The "Friday Night Lights" Bible study is continuing to draw visitors  & many people are given the opportunity to hear about Jesus on a weekly basis. Each day of ministry in Okinawa is spent looking for that next opportunity to share & care for the Japanese people in Jesus name. In mainland Japan, our team is currently looking to seek out opportunities to partner with other local ministries, though they are few & far between. God has begun to move powerfully among their house church group.

Please Pray

Pray that God would raise up and call more Rock Ambassadors to serve in Japan, and for insight into the best ways to reach members of Japanese society who are locked into Buddhist and Shinto religions. Pray for influencers in Japan  to come to know Jesus & that their faith would impact those in their circles. Ask God to divinely interweave their lives with the lives of our Rock Ambassadors. Pray for those attending "Friday Night Lights" to flourish and grow in Christ & for God to bless future relationships with potential ministry partners. Pray also that God would continue to provide financial ministry partners for our team in Okinawa.


Our team in the Philippines has adjusted to the transition home of three of Rock Ambassadors. Work continues in the villages on their island & relationships with the locals continue to flourish and grow. A short term-team will be headed to the P.I. soon to work for two weeks with our current team there. Accompanying the short-term team will be two missionaries who have been preparing for long term work.

Please Pray

Ask God to abundantly bless this short-termteam heading out to join the work of the ministry in the Philippines. Pray they would be a breath of fresh air to those who have been faithfully serving there. Ask God to grant unity to the team and for a continued grace to cover the re-entry process of our other three Ambassadors who have recently returned home from the P.I. Pray that God would reveal His next steps for them.


One of teams made a trip stateside to visit with many of their financial partners, family & friends. Baby Violet was formally introduced to all & is continuing to grow into a strong, healthy baby. Opportunities continue to arise to minister to those attending their times of gathering and studying the Word. Our other team has been so blessed to connect with new people each day and share God's love with them. Often they host meal times with the new friends or invited into homes and to enjoy traditional meals with them. Visits to villages always make for an adventure especially in inclement weather conditions. Their acquisition of the language is impressive & God is continuing to bless their efforts in this area.

Please Pray

More Rock Ambassadors will be joining our team in Asia later this year. Pray that God would help them organize their sending teams and provide all the help & support they are going to need. Pray that God would continue to bless the relationships our teams abroad are building. Ask God to give them wisdom as they look to reach those who have never been reached. Pray for God to bless the discipleship experience of those locally wanting to go deeper with in their walk. Ask God to protect our teams in every way, emotionally, spiritually & physically.


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