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Impact195 Global Update - November 2012
By Ali Kaun


God has given and taken away from our team in Haiti. They continue to praise the Lord in all circumstances and hold fast to Him. The 30+ Haitians enrolled in the discipleship school our team is running are continuing to flourish and grow! Students have been divided into connect groups and are learning how to share their testimony and the stories of Jesus with locals in town and in the countryside. Several people came to the Lord on a recent outreach as they lived out what they were learning! In November, our Rock Ambassadors conducted a baptism service. Many came and were baptized in the sea. One dear woman, Natilia, was too sick to come, so the team went to her and baptized her with a bucket and water.  Days later, she passed away from liver failure, leaving behind 3 young sons. Natilia and her sons had grown extremely close to our teams there over the last two years and she will be greatly missed!

Praise God with us, that a family member was able to take in Natilia’s 3 sons. Pray for our team leaders, that God would grant them much supernatural wisdom, grace and vision as they work towards the goal of equipping students in the school to plant 10 house churches. Pray for provision of an additional $4,000 needed for student supplies, service projects and classroom space. Pray also for continued team unity.


The patient work of prayer and relationship building in Asia continues to progress. Both of our teams have had opportunities to travel with the visa renewal process and/or have hosted visitors from home in the states. Small Bible studies continue to be hosted with new opportunities to build relationships presented to them on a weekly basis.

Please pray for the continued health of baby Violet. Pray for God to continue to protect our teams serving there in every way; physically, emotionally and spiritually. Pray that many i195 students planning to visit different regions would catch the vision for long term work there in the coming year.  Ask God to bless the marriages of those serving on the teams there – for continued joy, unity and laughter. Pray for many opportunities to share the true meaning of Christmas with locals and continued supernatural language acquisition.


Life in Japan is about to get really exciting for one our teams as they prepare to bring baby Isabella into the world. Though already past their due date, baby Isabella will likely come within the week to our first time parents! Even in the midst of a full term pregnancy, our ambassadors hosted 30 guests from their neighborhood and home church for a traditional Thanksgiving meal where many seeds were planted! There is great hope to collaborate with a local pastor involved in church planting. Praise God with us – two Rock Ambassadors in Japan received their residency visas! This was a huge answer to prayer!

Please pray for two Friday Newlife teachings for elementary and high school students, for outreaches in Okinawa and the development of booklets for new believers. Pray for continued open doors, wisdom and discernment as one of our teams has taken on biblical counseling for couples. Pray also for God to raise up more people to pray and partner with our team in Okinawa financially.


Women’s Bible studies and computer classes continue to be hosted at the “Global Impact Center”. Our Rock Ambassadors also continue to make home visits to locals in the community, spending quality time with them and share about Jesus as opportunities arise. One of our Ambassadors recently wed a native Filipino man and the two are now planning future ministry together. Ministry is continuing to grow and develop. Rock Ambassador Dorothy Bump traveled safely home this month after her yearlong commitment there.

Please pray for the team’s transition, as two more Ambassadors will return home this December. Pray that God would raise up more men to go and serve on the team there. Pray that home visits would continue to be fruitful, especially over the holiday season when many gather to celebrate.


Team Romania recently started a Bible study that meets downtown at a local coffee shop. This was a bit unheard of as it is very difficult to have Bible studies in public. But at the moment, there is favor for their study to continue. The team was also asked to lead a three-day Vacation Bible Study in a gypsy village they had not visited before. In this particular village, a group of women had been praying for someone to come and teach them the Bible. Rock Ambassador Ami jumped on the opportunity and is now leading them through the book of John! The children’s ministry is also growing and their hope is to teach kids through visuals, memory verses and Bible stories. Their curriculum includes lessons on love, obedience and the importance of following God.

Praise God with us for the new home given to our team from an amazingly generous landlord! Pray for safe travels as the Lorona family returns home to the states for a brief stint and then back to Romania. Pray for fresh inspiration in the work with the gypsy community...that these sweet souls would come to know freedom in Christ in breaking the religious stronghold that dulls their sense of need for a personal relationship with Jesus. Pray for team unity and for much grace to abound towards one another. Pray for continued insight on how to engage the children and women, many of whom have been neglected and abused. Pray for the men in the villages who are bound in generational sin. Pray that God would raise up more men to join our team in Romania and for continued safety for the men on our team who are engaging men in the villages.


A short term medical team recently visited our teams in Africa and ministered to some 700 people with various medical conditions. Over 150 people were treated for infected and decaying teeth. Jesus' name was proclaimed and medications were given out to the villagers in the name of Jesus. Several more stories from the Old Testament have now been crafted as the work of oral story Bible translation continues! Many of those treated have been asking questions about how they can follow Jesus! 

Please continue to pray for strength for our teams and for God to be the continual lifter of their heads. The political situation is very precarious in the country where our Rock Ambassadors are serving. Pray that the Lord would continue to protect them and give them much confidence in Him as they carry on the work. Pray for God to keep them in good health and for Him to send more angels to protect them in every way! Pray also for long term visa approval as needed.


A team of up to 19 prepares to leave for India this January! The core of their mission is to bring the Gospel to the least reached people in India through teaching English, community outreaches, church planting and partnerships with local doctors to provide free medical care for children and health education in the rural villages. Many of them have been hosting garage sales, swap meet booths and other creative means to come up with the finances for their long-term commitment, all due this week on December 1! God has been providing for them in beautiful ways and many have chosen to let go of some of their most precious possessions in order to go. Praise God with us that one-way flights have been provided for them!

Pray for continued strength as many of our team say goodbye to moms, dads, siblings and loved ones over the holidays! Ask God to bless team leaders, Mark and Joy Schneider as they work hard to disciple this team and raise up leaders within it to reach the lost in India. Pray for provision of two vehicles in the country for travel, one of them a multi-passenger vehicle. Pray for our team members currently engaged in the process of obtaining certification for teaching English as a second language – that all would go well and that they would be quickly certified. Please pray that all visas will be acquired in an expeditious and timely manner.

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