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Impact195 Global Update - September 2012
By Ali Kaun


Our teams in Africa have continued the work of oral story Bible translation in immensely courageous ways! Over the past month, many of them have suffered illnesses requiring medical care and one of the team members' family passed away back in the states. Despite the overwhelming circumstances at times, the work of the ministry has continued and they have pressed on. One of the three teams is significantly ahead of schedule: they have completed the selection of the 45 stories for their oral Bible translation, and have actually translated several of these stories into the heart language of their people group. Also, rain has at long last come to the region alleviating the drought and bringing promise of a harvest next spring that will alleviate much of the burden of the past years' famine.

Prayer Requests

Please ask God to heal those who have been sick as they continue on in the work of the ministry. Ask God to especially comfort our team members as they walk through the grieving process. Pray for God to protect and bless our teams, for them to experience Christ in new ways through their trials, and for the hearts of those they minister to become softened towards God and receptive of the message of the gospel.


Seven Rock Ambassadors returned to Haiti last week and were able to secure new housing, as the place they had previously used was no longer available. They are now implementing a more aggressive evangelistic ministry plan focused on developing local leaders to trigger a church planting movement over the weeks and months ahead. Wells that were dug by previous i195 teams have continued to be a source of clean drinking water for those who used to have to hike 2 miles one way to get water for their families on a daily basis. The location of these wells have also become gathering points for groups of children who are enjoying several Bible story sessions each week, hopefully leading them into a life-long relationship with Jesus.

Prayer Requests

Pray for God to continue to grant team unity, joy, and laughter with our Phase II Rock Ambassadors. Ask God to open up many doors, not only to share the Gospel, but to disciple new believers who will in turn, train disciples and plant new churches. Also ask God to provide in a special way for the needs of the orphanages where our Haiti team is ministering. 


Our team in Romania has successfully transitioned to a new home within the city. God graciously blessed them with new housing and they have continued to reach out to children of the gypsies, who are often looked upon as second class citizens within the country's borders.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for the team that they may successfully establish routines and make new friends in their new setting. Pray for continued open doors for them to share the Gospel and teach the scriptures. Pray for these young gypsy children they minister to, that they would come to know Jesus and grow strong in their knowledge and understanding of Him.


Two Rock Ambassadors will be returning home next month after completing their year-long commitment. One of our other team members, having served there for a year and half, visited her family over the summer. She recently returned back to the Philippines last month for another long season. The team's ministry is continuing to flourish with new invitations to minister at the public junior high and high schools.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for the team as two members transition home to the states and the others remain to carry on the work. Ask God to continue to open up the hearts of the students in the schools they will be visiting.


One of our married couples abroad gave birth prematurely to a precious baby girl who remained in ICU for an extended period of time. It has been difficult for them being new parents and trying hard to have their little one gain weight. Their sweet baby, Violet, was able to go home three weeks ago and work and ministry has resumed. They are not out of the woods yet and have asked many to keep praying! Two new Rock Ambassadors also moved to Asia last August, secured housing, and have begun the process of language acquisition as they build new relationships with the locals.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for God to strengthen and heal Baby Violet. Ask God to comfort her parents and that through all of this, those they have been ministering to would experience the living God. Pray for great encouragement this month for them. Pray also for our newest Rock Ambassadors to Asia, that the language acquisition would go smoothly and they would have success with the neighborhood BBQ they are hoping to plan later this month.


Two of our Rock Ambassadors have kept up a rigorous schedule of ministry this past month in Japan. Weekly outreaches, Bible studies and language studies have filled much of their time. About three weeks back, one team member was actually able to carry on a conversation all in Japanese while sharing the Gospel! Two of our other team members are expecting their first child early next year and her pregnancy has continued to go smoothly in spite of an intense traveling schedule to the states and back to Japan.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for favor with Japanese officials, as two of our Ambassadors go through the visa renewal process. This process has been somewhat of a challenge over the last month and must be settled this week. Please also pray for continued opportunities to share the Gospel for both of our teams and for the deepening of relationships with their new friends.

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