Impact195 Global Update | October 2013

by Ali Kaun | October 24, 2013

Over the past couple of months, 35 people have come to faith in Jesus. They have continued to plant new churches, of which there is now a total of 14. They also conduct a weekly Bible study on Thursday nights with 40+ people attending regularly. They have seen God moving powerfully through miracles in answer to prayer: last week they cast a demon out of a hindu woman in the kitchen of their house and she gave her life to Jesus! Also, their neighbor's grandmother had a stroke and was not able to walk. One of our Rock Ambassador's 8-year old daughter went to her house, prayed for her and now she is able to walk the 1.4 mile dirt road to our Ambassadors' house for Bible studies. Please pray for their continued protection and for them to stay healthy as they share the love of Jesus and the truth of the gospel with people in the surrounding areas where they live.

Impact195 sent a team of Impact195 students to Jeremie, Haiti on short term Impact International Trip this past August. Students ministered in many ways to very needy residents. As a result, many individuals decided to follow the way of Jesus and turn their lives over to Him. A new orphanage was also opened, called The Rock Orphanage. There are now 18 orphans and abandoned children who have the opportunity to be blessed with excellent physical, emotional, and spiritual care provided by both our Rock Ambassadors and three local Haitians hired to help care for them. Please pray for God's blessings for this new orphanage, both in terms of financial provision, and additional workers to help care for the kids and "bring them up in the training and admonition of the Lord" (Ephesians 6:4).

Two of our Ambassadors there have moved into an apartment with a local couple who are helping them make new friends. Their aim is to develop new friendships as opportunities to bring the hope of Jesus. These same Ambassadors have also enrolled in high level studies to accelerate their language acquisition and make them more effective at communicating the gospel with native speakers. Two other Ambassadors have found work at a private school where they can share Bible stories with children and develop friendships with their parents for opportunities to share the truth of the gospel with them. Pray that the Lord will strengthen these relationships and make our Ambassadors quickly capable of speaking the language fluently so they can effectively share Jesus with local residents.

Our Ambassadors in Romania press on in efforts to build relationships with adults in the community. Older Romanians tend to love the church rituals that helped them cope with the hard life they had under former government leadership, but most have no personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They believe they are "saved" because they were baptized in the church as infants. Members of the younger generation, however, have no use for the church as they see it irrelevant under their new democratic form of government. So our Ambassadors there are shifting their focus to minister to teenagers and provide clean, fun activities that will serve as platforms for sharing with them the life-transforming message of salvation through Jesus Christ. Pray that the Lord will give them wisdom and insight as they seek to engage teenagers who currently lack a sound basis for a life of meaning and significance.


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