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Investing in the Future... the Children's Ministry
By Rock Church

Ivy Wilson and her two sons, David, 6, and Jerecho, 8, play a game of pool in the game room of the Youth Building after church service. New to the Rock, the Wilson's have found a home worth coming back to after searching for a church to call their own.

Not knowing where to go, Ivy was referred to the Rock by a friend serving in Iraq. She decided to try it and now, feels blessed to have found a church where both she and her boys can be fed and encouraged.

"This is great because there are so many things for the kids to do," said Wilson. The boys are enjoying Pebbles Pathway and agree with mom that they would like to keep coming. "We like the singing and playing games the best," said Jerecho and David.

Paving the Way

Childen's Ministry isn't childcare.  The kids worship and learn about God just like the grownups
Childen's Ministry isn't childcare. The kids worship and learn about God just like the grownups

Every Sunday over 700 kids fill the hallways of the Rock's Pebbles Pathway Children's Ministry. Following biblical principles and having a heart for children, the staff of the Children's Ministry knows the importance of instilling the Word of God in children from an early age. The ministry's purpose is to reach San Diego children for Jesus and to partner with parents to guide them on the path to becoming fully-devoted followers of Christ.

Pebbles Pathway serves children newborn through 5th grade at all Sunday morning services, the 5:15 p.m. service and up to pre-K at the Saturday evening service.

In an effort to reach and teach this critical age group, Pebbles workers strive to make the short time each week with the kids really count. This overarching culture of the Children's Ministry is one these servants of the Lord and His kids strive to achieve every week.

Everything done during the hour of children's church is geared to fulfilling that purpose. This goal of making that one hour really count in the child's life takes the form of an interactive time where the staff and leaders in the classroom teach the word of God through verse memorization, small group learning, large group presentations and teaching kids how to apply what they learn about God to their everyday lives.

"We're Having Church"

Those who we entrust our children with for the hour we are in church have an awesome responsibility and the Pebbles Pathway staff take that responsibility very seriously. They've taken on the duty of reaching and teaching the children of San Diego how to live Godly lives in a fallen world.

Coming to Pebbles Pathway is not just a babysitting hour while parents are in church. The kids of the Rock are being fed and equipped too. Even a two-year-old can learn to apply obedience, kindness or love to his own life. This is what the Pebbles Pathway staff strive to do at every age group. The workers are spending time with the kids, fellowshipping and building relationships with the kids.

The staff also knows how important is it for the parents to feel comfortable with where their children are while they're in service. As part of this strategy, Pebbles Pathway adheres to a value system that should make any parent reassured. These values are:

  • Safe
  • Child-targeted- everything done is from a child's point of view
  • Bible- taught creatively
  • Relevant teaching so as to impact the real lives of the children
  • Intentional Sheparding

The structure is not only one that is loving and nurturing but one that encourages kids to live the life God would have them live. Part of that structure asks three primary questions:

  1. Know what - meaning knowing what the Bible says.
  2. So what? What does that mean to me?
  3. Now what? What do I do with what I've learned?

This curriculum helps the Pebbles Pathway staff focus on fulfilling its purpose. The teaching is tailored to each age group in a way that engages the children while helping them become better equipped as young Christians.

Getting Involved

Children's Ministry leader Rachel praying with the kids before Sunday school
Children's Ministry leader Rachel praying with the kids before Sunday school

There is a deep sense of community in this ministry as volunteers work with this circle of friends, developing even the characteristics of a small group. They pray together, fellowship together and hold each other accountable in Bible studies.

To become part of the Pebbles Pathway staff, each volunteer must go undergo a thorough application process which includes a personal interview, an orientation and training, all of which emphasize the goal of making the one hour at the Rock the best hour of a kid's week. For those wanting to serve but not wanting to stand in front of a classroom, there are many areas of need in this ministry.

The gift of teach is only one aspect of ministry within Pebbles Pathway. There are many other ways people can help the ministry and anyone with some time will be put to work. Such areas include: washing linens, replenishing supplies, preparing crafts, washing toys, meeting and greeting kids and their parents, and signing in kids. These are just a few of the ways that people can serve the children of the Rock Church.

If you have a heart for serving the Lord but you don't know where to get involved, Pebbles Pathway may be the place for you. The Bible says, Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6

Pebbles Pathway is a looking for hearts to serve the Lord and His children in training up our children.

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