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Introducing...Absolute Truth Gospel Jazz Band
By Liz James

There is an energy and excitement that is growing in San Diego. A celebration that can be felt more than the sunshine itself. Simply put, it is the love of Christ shared through Christian praise and worship music.

Recently, I was blessed to sit in on a rehearsal and also had a chance to interview an awesome gospel jazz band called Absolute Truth. Though only 2½ years in the making, Absolute Truth is a new-on-the-scene worship band that will easily make its way onto your favorites list. Blended harmonies and smooth sounding vocals are sure to awaken your spirit. The soulful music is filled with powerful melodies bursting with energy of the Holy Spirit itself. Absolute Truth will definitely have hands clapping and toes tapping while we praise Jesus!

Steve Schisler (bass, rhythm guitar and founding member of the band) explains how the group came together. "God sent 'em all! He told me that He would send them. I had prayed for people who were giving with loving hearts, dedicated to worship, and they all wanted to glorify Him. I asked Him not to send me anybody else and He said He wouldn't."

So who did God send to Steve?

God sent Weldon Cook (or "Well Done" to his bandmates). Weldon sings lead vocals and has a strong background in singing gospel reminiscent of Ray Charles and Al Green. Twana Chrisp (lead and background vocals) who has a strong yet velvety tone adds softness and beauty to the group. Jorge Flores (lead and background vocals) not only plays piano and keys with the group, he also sings tenor in the Rock Church Resonate Choir and plays with the Rock choir ensemble. Doug Peck plays trumpet. His wife is a member of the Rock Church. After attending a street fair at the Rock, she got to the end of the block and turned around. She walked up to the band's booth and signed her husband up for the band without him knowing at the time. Donnie Laudicina (guitarist) and David Laudicina (drums) are brothers. Both are phenomenal musicians far beyond their teen years. Donnie recently, with his high school jazz band, went on a trip to the Czech Republic to study classical guitar in Prague. David studied Music at the Berklee College of Music, located in Boston, Massachusetts (the same school as the Rock's Music Director, Stefanie Kelly). Monitoring the sounds and holding it all down on the mixing board is Steve's son, Aaron Schisler.

(Absent at the time of this interview was Tarryn Chrisp (daughter of Twana and vocalist). I am told Tarryn has the singing voice of an angel. Also absent - Rosemary Adams, the regular pianist for the band.)

[Photo Collage Created by Liz James]

After being blessed with a small glimpse of the gifted harmony of this band, I can only say: if you want to start your week with pure energy blessed by the Holy Spirit, do yourself a favor and check out Absolute Truth! They will be leading worship on Sunday, July 31st from 5PM - 6:30PM for the first ever "Gospel Nite" at Celebrate Church located at 5185 Acuna Street, San Diego CA 92117. They are also leading worship at Simply Worship on Tuesday, September 20th at the Rock Church. (To book Absolute Truth contact Steve Schisler at: [email protected])

Absolute Truth also has a regular slot playing their mixture of inspirational praise intertwined with jazz standards at the Ronald McDonald House located at 2929 Children's Way San Diego, 92123; 7 PM every second Tuesday of the month. The public is invited.

I am certain that the singing, music, prayer, praise and worship will leave your spirit beyond blessed with the Holy Ghost. You'll find yourself, as you walk away, humming one of the songs that will find its home in your heart!

...and that is the Absolute Truth!

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