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The Good News of Jesus Geeks
By Pam Cronauer

Having problems with your cache? Think you have a virus, worm, or Trojan horse? Is your firewall efficient?

Are these terms alien to you? If you need help with computer problems or just need to polish up your MS Office or web skills, please contact the Jesus Geeks, the Rock Church’s answer to computer sanity. Huh? The Rock has people for that? Yes, we do! And it all started with Jack Costner, founder of Jesus Geeks.

And God gave Jack the answer to his search for ministry: he was to use his skills in computers to bring others to God. Jesus Geeks was born.

Jesus Geeks’ mission is to show the love of Christ in providing service to others. A long-term goal is to expand the ministry to provide technical assistance internationally through service to missionaries. Jesus Geeks also provides assistance to other Rock ministries in the area of website support.

The ministry also can troubleshoot various software and hardware issues for those with limited ability to seek professional help. They gladly accept donations of money, computers, and support devices to refurbish for underprivileged schools and families. For example, there is a community of African refugee families in City Heights in desperate need of computers.

When asked about the vision in the next five years, Jack says he sees the ministry expanding to include local communities outside of church membership to help bring the Word of God to people while providing a service. As society grows more computer dependent, the need for help will increase, opening up opportunities to save, equip, and send. Will you be a part of that effort and join the ministry? Jesus Geeks would love to have your help.

As society grows more computer dependent, the need for help will increase, opening up opportunities to save, equip, and send.

Jesus Geeks is advertised through word of mouth and is a growing ministry with branches in donations, education and repair. The core leaders are Jack (Ministry leader), Richard (Prayer leader), Ernest (Visionary leader), Ria (Promotions), and Iirai (Administration). Branch leaders include Alex (Donations), Iirai (current Webmaster), and Justin (Computer repair). They hope to fill the Computer Education leader position soon. The ministry needs more help as all our ministries do, so if you have abilities in web support, computer repair, or software, and have a willingness to serve, an interest in computers, and any type of computer skills please go to on the “Agents Portal” tab and click to fill out a Rock Church Member Volunteer application.

For donations, contact [email protected]. To submit a request for computer assistance, go to and select “Request Form” to fill out an online request.

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