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Jordin Sparks
By Mei Ling Nazar

Jordin Sparks became the youngest winner of American Idol, when she won season six at the age of 17. She would go on to sell two million copies of her album, get nominated for a Grammy, and star in movies and Broadway. Even though she was quite successful, it was the drive for success that would ultimately cause her to make compromising decisions including her faith. Jordin shared this past Sunday about her time on American Idol, her faith journey including feeling like a zombie, and how a cousin’s text helped her to return back to God.

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Like a Zombie

Jordin described how during her some of her most successful times, she felt like a zombie, wandering aimlessly without direction. She was making decisions that she couldn’t even remember because she felt like she was in a haze. It was during this time that she saw Pastor Miles at a Super Bowl party. She knew that Pastor Miles would ask her how she was doing. Since she didn’t want to answer that question, she avoided him. Pastor Miles recounts that Jordin gave him the Heisman, essentially keeping him at a distance.

Easter Renewal

Leading up to last Easter, Jordin was out late at a club. She stayed out until 6AM of Easter morning. Her cousin texted her and asked if she would be joining them at church that morning. Jordin knew that she needed to go. That Easter morning, she heard the resurrection story in a new way. She went down for the altar call and felt like an emotional weight and confusion had been lifted off of her. 

Even though she had accepted Christ at a young age, that Easter morning was a turning point of renewal in her walk with God.

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Message in Action

  • Invite a friend or family member to church. You don’t have to wait until Easter. Pray and ask God who He wants you to invite. Ask him for the words if you are nervous. Pray for the Holy Spirit to soften the hearts of those you are inviting, that they would be open to hear the Gospel message and give their lives to Christ.
  • Share the message. Whether it is sharing it from your social media, inviting a friend over to watch the message or emailing it to a friend or relative that lives far away, God wants to use our stories to impact others. Jordin’s story is just one of many that you can share.
  • Share YOUR story. Each of us has a story of what God has done in our lives. If you haven’t done so already, go to Gospel Central and share yours there today. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide and direct you with people around you that might need to hear your story. Take time this week to write your personal faith story. Share it with a friend, small group leader or pastor that can give you feedback and then get ready to share!

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