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Rock Hero: Jose Cobian - February 2014
By Rock Church

On a Sunday morning in 2008, Jose Cobian heard Pastor Miles challenge everyone attending Rock Church to pray that God might lead them toward starting a ministry for the homosexual community. He felt it didn’t apply to him. He was already comfortable and effectively serving in the Altar Call Ministry, as well as others.

But what Jose was about to learn was that being comfortable, or even being effective, mattered little when God puts a calling on your heart to do something else.

After fighting it for some time, he relinquished his will and began Agape Road, a ministry for those struggling with same sex attraction. Stepping out to lead the ministry has changed his life, as well as many others who are desperate for a church to come alongside to offer love, support, and absolutely no condemnation.

“The people who walk through the doors of Agape Road are my heroes and I tell them that,” says Jose. “Because they not only have to put up with the culture, but sometimes they have to put up with other Christians too, and how they (those struggling with same sex attraction) can kind of get the cold shoulder rather than being loved and encouraged.”

“Very few people have the true heart of Jesus,” offers Outreach pastor and director, Tim Neisler, “to love people unconditionally. Jose is that guy.”

For more information about the Same Sex Attraction Ministry, click here »

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