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Interview with Joyce Crittenden | Altar Call and Follow Up Manager

by Dave Franco | October 9, 2014

Did your own altar call experience have anything to do with the position you have today?
Yes, actually. When I gave my life to Christ years ago, when the Rock was on Ruffin Road, I had this amazing altar call experience. This lovely woman named Brigitte led me through the process. She was so engaging and caring that I felt incredibly welcomed into the family of God. I was really beaming over my decision and new life. But as time went on, I had a hunger to hear from Brigitte again or anyone from the church. I really needed their support. I remember thinking to myself that if I ever had the chance to do things differently, I would make sure that everybody who responds to an altar call hears from the church in the months after.

Who would have thought you would have actually gotten the chance?
It was a miracle. I was in a job that was really crushing me emotionally and spiritually. I was volunteering my time at the Rock for many different ministries but when I gave my time to the Altar Call Ministry, I really felt like that was where my heart really lit up. I tried to parlay that into a job at the Rock, but the position didn’t exist, and there was no budget to create it. Then, about two weeks after the Rock said no, I got a call from Pastor Shawn saying, “How would you like to never have to go back to that job again?” I couldn’t believe it.

So you actually got to apply your experience to your new job?
Yes! That’s why it’s called the Altar Call and Follow Up Ministry. I lead the team that follows up with people who have made a decision for Christ the following week, then 2-3 months later. Pastor Mickey has even decided that they should get a call six months later, as well.

What has been the response?
They are usually so grateful. Most of them are feeling alone and confused and are desperate for a touch from someone who really cares for them. And that’s what we do. We don’t ask our new brothers and sisters for anything, we just show them how they can plug in, find friends, opportunities to serve, and get spiritually fed. Then we offer prayer, support and encouragement for the journey.

And I’m sure your job is fulfilling?
It’s hard, and sometimes, it’s more than I think I can handle. But it is so important. And because of that, it’s deeply fulfilling.


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