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by Ali Kaun |

God has been moving powerfully in India. In His sovereignty, He recently placed 60 people who had not previously heard of Jesus in front of the team’s house to work on their road. Our Rock Ambassadors invited these workers in for lunch, and were able to share the gospel with them. The team has also started their first church plant, and had 60 English speaking "believers" show up at their first service. These believers are interested in being discipled so they can get involved in ministry to spread the gospel and bring their own people to faith in Jesus Christ! Most recently the team launched an additional Bible study in their home with over 40 people in attendance.

Please pray for the team to be of one accord and unity of purpose, filled with the Holy Spirit. Pray for God to reveal to them the heart needs of the people around them and how to meet them. Pray also for strength, as our ambassadors are on the front lines of spiritual warfare, that God would put an huge hedge of protection around them in every way.

Rock Ambassadors Micah and Alycia have been seeing God perform outright miracles in Japan. Recently a woman they prayed for was healed of glaucoma. Her doctors couldn't explain it! God has also delivered people they have prayed for from heroin! God is working powerfully through these Rock Ambassadors as daily they seek to build new relationships in their community. God also has been supernaturally helping Alycia learn Japanese, and she is now able to translate Micah's sermons into Japanese after many hours of study and help from her Japanese friends. Patrick and Liz have also continued to open up their home to to host new friends from the neighborhood. Their prayer walks continue. Liz will be starting up her english ministry again soon and both are adjusting well to parenthood as they welcomed their first child into the world earlier this year.

Pray for God to continue to fill our teams in Japan with boldness to share His love through His word. Pray for continued supernatural language acquisition. Pray for God to open up doors to partner with local ministries. Pray for committed intercessors to rise up and for more Rock Ambassadors to be compelled to join their teams.

The pioneering Rock Ambassadors sent to Haiti have returned home after their assignment and a new team is forming to go back. God is faithful and His spirit is continuing to move in a mighty way.Second generation house churches are being planted by the original ones, making the team’s vision of disciples making disciples a reality.More churches continue to be planted in the teams absence.

Pray for the returning team to be refreshed. Pray for the disciples and house churches in Haiti to remain strong in the Holy Spirit. And pray for leaders to be raised up and empowered to continue the work in Haiti.

God has been faithful to root and establish our teams in love.Our Rock Ambassadors have continued to be strengthened as they abide in Christ and pour out their lives daily for those they went to reach. Recently some of our Ambassadors were given the opportunity to share the Gospel at an english club with a handful of students who came from several different backgrounds of belief. Others who have come to faith earlier in the year are growing in the knowledge and grace of God as they continue to experience discipleship through our team.

Please pray for Jesus to go before them and prepare the way for every conversation and every interaction as theyaily build rapport with new people as a basis for friendship evangelism. Pray that God would prepare their hearts for new team members moving to Asia later this year. Pray they would stand firm against the devil and that he would flee as they encounter spiritual warfare. Pray for continued good physical health.

Our Rock Ambassadors in the PI have continued their efforts to reach the lost and to share the love of Jesus in tangible ways. Their feeding ministry continues to go well. Recently the team was able to visit a new location and were blessed to bring food to 50 children in need of it. A team of short term workers & two planning to stay long term, visited the team in May to bring encouragement and to help in the work of the ministry. All returned home, with those who had planned to stay long term also returning home, due to a serious health condition that made it unsafe for them to stay there.

Pray that multitudes would be drawn towards our team to hear the Gospel.  Pray for Claudia, one of our pioneering Rock Ambassadors to the Philippines, that she would have a restful and insightful  time home in the states during her upcoming visit. Pray for Jane as she prepares for the birth of her first child, that all would go exceptionally well with her pregnancy and delivery and that the baby would arrive in perfect health.

The Romania team is moving forward with the addition of  two new Rock Ambassadors who are adjusting well and contributing to the team's ministry to a small church already established in the area where they are living. One of our Rock Ambassadors writes: “The church was sort of struggling a few years ago… [it was] prophesied that the Lord was going to send people to help…build up the church and that they would not come from within the church." The prophecy has come to pass and the team is encouraged that they are a part of God answering prayers. The team hopes to start up a church service in a nearby park one Sunday a month during the next year and are currently preparing for a summer camp in a gypsy village.

Pray for the team to have vision and direction to continue to uplift, encourage and serve. Pray for favor, finances and volunteers in an upcoming summer camp in the gypsy village and for the gypsies to participate with willing hearts. Pray for continued health, safety, unity, wisdom and direction for the team and for rest and refreshment for Matt and Sarena as they return home for a visit with Grandma for her 80th birthday celebration.


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