An Unexpected Christmas Blessing

by Michael Blatnica | January 5, 2017

A local family from Lakeside, whose home was damaged by a fire on December 2, 2016, was recently blessed with presents, gift cards, clothes, furniture, and a whole lot of love thanks to the generosity of several local non-profit organizations. And all of this came just in time for Sean and Amanda Davidson, along with their three kids: Caitlyn, 14, Cash, 5, and Caylee, 2.

Shortly after the fire, they received a visit from Stephanie Empey, a caseworker from the American Red Cross. She shared, “We provide initial recovery assistance in the very beginning and try to connect individuals and families with people in the community and organizations like Rock Church, who can help them realize their long-term recovery plan and have the resources, ability, and the willingness to help people get back on their feet.” She went on to say that they are still assisting the family wherever they can.

The children’s mom Amanda says that this fire has hit them hard financially, as well as emotionally. The kids are currently living with their father in a friend's RV while she is at the house caring for their two dogs Storm and Daisy, as well as trying to clean up the place and salvage whatever they possibly can. The family has not made a decision on where they will relocate.

e28a351017c222d0d2019790d577ea81.pngTo make matters worse, items that were stored outside were damaged or destroyed by recent rains, and there is no electricity in the home. It was turned off after the fire for safety concerns. Her husband Sean, a floor installer by trade has been out on disability since last August due to an injury and subsequent surgery.

Amanda’s spirit remains one of peace, joy, and resolve, even through these difficult and trying times.        

Funds for the presents came from Share the Dough, which is a non-profit of Manna Development, designed to assist the community at large and their employees when in need. The Rock Church Pastoral Department donated gift cards to assist the family. 

A special thank you to the following: JJ Reading, Marketing Manager at Manna Development; Hannah Rovazzini, Manna Development; Alex, GM of Panera Bread Point Loma location; Lulu, GM of Panera Bread Hillcrest location; Panera Bread Employees Rita and Justin; Lisa Thrift-Blatnica, Outreach Director & Rock Church Community Chaplain; Mickey Stonier, Rock Church Pastoral Care Pastor; Michael Huffman, Rock Church Community Chaplain—East County Campus; Stephanie Empey, American Red Cross–San Diego Chapter; Marce, Rock Thrift Store Point Loma; and Monica Ball, Rock Church Outreach—Homeless Services Ministry.


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