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A Tumultuous Road Freshly Paved with Grace
By Melissa Hodges

Laura Bonde is thrilled that she can now drive down the freeway without crying.

“It didn’t matter who was in the car, at a certain point on the [Interstate] 8, I would burst into tears.”

Laura used to be a prostitute and often worked at hotels on this corridor of San Diego.

An ex-drug addict, strip club dancer, and prostitute, Laura has fought through life with a desire to find meaning and love. The road has been hard, but with God’s help Laura has prevailed and now is focused on reaching others with her testimony.

Driving in the Wrong Direction

As a child in Rancho Palos Verdes, Laura was shipped from relative to relative and home to home. Her alcoholic parents proved unfit to raise her, and she was soon living with her grandmother, where she was molested.

She visited her mother often, despite the relocation. “I heard my sisters talking about having sex with people, and I wanted to too.”

“I didn’t know any better. I was never taught.”--Laura Bonde

Her sisters arranged for Laura and a 14-year-old boy from school to go to one of their boyfriend’s houses. There, Laura was given alcohol and had her first sexual experience.

By 21 Laura was married to an abusive husband. She soon had four kids, and began to experience money problems. One afternoon Laura’s babysitter told her about someone down the street who always had  wads of cash. Laura decided to visit this woman and find out how she had so much money.

The woman was a topless dancer. She took Laura under her wing. Soon Laura became a topless dancer herself.

“I didn’t know any better. I was never taught.” A few years in the business led to drugs and prostitution. “I would bring guys in to my house – right in front of my kids.”

The Exit Ramp

But Laura realized that she wanted her kids to have a different life than she had. She started taking them to First Baptist Church of Lemon Grove. The services affected her as well, and she started to explore the Bible and other religious books. While reading The Purpose Driven Life, Laura came across a line that said, “God will use your weakness for his glory.” That caught her attention. As a result of that life-changing thought together with her experience with church, Laura got sober in August 2005.

“I can now walk with my head up because I am looking at God.”

In May 2009, Laura found out about JC’s Girls while at a Bible study. She began attending the ministry, and also the Rock Recovery ministry. She credits the prayer and guidance she received from JC's Girls with her life transformation. “I learned that Satan uses isolation to keep his hold on people.”

“I can now walk with my head up because I am looking at God,” said Laura. She faithfully attends either JC’s Girls or Rock Recovery once a week, and is working to strengthen her relationship with her four kids. She volunteers with JC’s Girls to reach out to prostitutes on the streets of San Diego.

Laura, now 38, is an account representative for an attorney services in San Diego. She hopes to be able to share her testimony and reach those who are now struggling with what she lived through. “God cannot heal you until you let go and turn to Him.”

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Melissa Hodges is a volunteer with the Rock Church Writers Ministry. For more info, visit For more info on JC's Girls, visit

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