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A Little Goes a Long Way
By Rock Church

According to a recent report, more than one-third of children living in Haiti suffer from what the UN World Food Program describes as "chronic malnutrition".

In the town of Jeremie, there are thousands of children who attend primary school but are learning very little because they are too hungry to pay attention to what they are being taught.

In response to this heartbreaking reality, our Rock Ambassador Gary George started, one year ago, a small feeding program to provide one nutritious meals a week to about 20 of the neediest children to whom he wanted to teach Bible stories. Funded out of Gary's own missionary support money, this program has since expanded to the point of providing two meals a week to as many as 500 children in three locations in Jeremie, NOT including those in the orphanage. All costs are still being met through Gary's missionary support provided by friends to whom this need has been communicated, and who have responded generously as the Lord has led them.

As the program grew, Gary trained a young Haitian believer named Chancely who had attended the discipleship training program that Rock Ambassadors had conducted during their 7-month mission in Jeremie.

At the cost of just over $1000 per month (managed by our current in-field Rock Ambassadors) and under Chancely's organizational leadership, over 500 meals are being fed to the neediest kids in Jeremie every week! That is a total of 2000 meals a month at a cost of about $0.25 per meal. Beyond this figure stands the fact that this is a truly holistic program that not only feeds the bodies of these needy children, but also nourishes their souls and spirits with the word of God.

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