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Life Transforming Story - Philippines Trip
By Ali Kaun

Now to our God and Father be glory forever and ever. Amen. ~ Philippians 4:20

Cho Sun was one of twenty IMPACT195 world changers who brought the love of God to the Philippines this past December. Many doors were opened for them to share in local schools and minister to students in classes. During their time there, the team hosted a mini Do Something Festival, facilitated sports ministry and served in building projects.

Life transformation was a direct result of Cho’s participation in this trip. Here he describes it in his own words.

At the mini Do Something Festival I was really excited and prayed for God to use me and lead me. That day He didn’t use me the ways I had hoped. I felt spiritually dry and that humbled me. He showed me how He didn’t need me. I started to realize it’s about God, not us.

Then the next day we went to the market place. We were at port and kids kept coming up asking for money. I gave out some and then I didn’t have anymore, but they followed me. I realized I couldn’t give them any more money, but if they could know about Jesus they would be infinitely better. I found myself at a center with a fountain where the kids had gathered; I stepped out of my comfort zone and shared about Jesus.

I knew a few words in Tagalog and shared about God’s love. I asked them if they wanted to know Christ and follow Him. They said yes and we got to pray the prayer of salvation! Then more kids came! Some of them new English and helped me better translate the Gospel message. I shared how it was all about being in a personal relationship with Him. At the end of that time of sharing there were more prayers of salvation and they prayed to receive Christ!

Cho has fully dedicated his life to Christ and is ready to be used any way that God wants. He will further his equipping process this January as he started the second term of IMPACT195.