Rock Church Marriage Getaway is Coming Soon

by Dave Franco | May 19, 2019

If you’re married, Rock Church would like to invite you to the yearly Marriage Getaway, not just because it’s fun, which it is. 

And not because it’s a chance to get away without the kids, which it is. 

And not because focusing on your marriage is always a good idea, which certainly is true.

It’s because most couples, healthy and not, are dealing with potentially devastating habits in their marriage, don’t even know it, and haven’t a clue on how to fix it. In fact, as Rock Church Marriage and Family Pastor, Darren Carrington, put it on the first night of last year’s Getaway, “I know the condition of some of your marriages. I know some of you didn’t talk to each other on the way up here. In fact, if you fought on your drive to Palm Desert, would you please stand up?” (Many couples stood.)

Later, Pastor Miles followed, “For many of you, this is your last ditch effort to save your marriage, and divorce papers are in the car.” The risk to offend, or speak too bluntly, is clearly worth it for the Rock, as the church may be more committed to marriage than what may be found at most churches. For the Rock, marriage is ground zero, the place where the enemy places his greatest effort. “We have a goal for your marriage this weekend,” Pastor Miles continued. “To get you to understand that the enemy to your happy and fulfilling marriage is not the person on the other side of your bed. It’s the devil.”

And so, between the laughs and the time at the pool and dinners out and the salsa dancing lessons and activities, there are incredible speakers, worship, instruction on marriage, tears and changed lives. In fact, many of the marriage coaches who attend the getaway for the purposes of offering prayer and support were once on the brink of divorce themselves. 

“It was all over for us,” marriage coaches, David and Vinny Morineau, offered, “until we attended the Marriage Getaway nine years ago and went through the exercises given at the retreat.  We learned so much that weekend, we committed to working on our marriage—and here we are today, more in love than ever. It’s a far cry from when we barely spoke to each other on the drive to the retreat. Without the getaway, there would be no us. We’ve been coaches ever since. ”

Join us for the 2019 Rock Church Marriage Getaway, July 12-14 at the Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort and Spa. To register, click here.

To learn more about the Marriage Ministry at Rock Church, click here.


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