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Meeting Mister or Miss Right
By Rock Church

How can I be sure? What qualities should I be looking for? Does the Bible have any advice?

After 26 years of marriage, Pastor Dan has some wisdom to share:

  1. The closer I get to Jesus, the better my relationship is with my spouse.
  2. Common vision and hearts to serve are vital! These two things help get through the tough times that WILL come your way.
  3. Friends make the best marriage partners. (Hint: get married to your best friend!)
  4. Always remember to FIGHT! That's right - the Bible talks about outdoing one another in showing honor and respect. Those in great relationships will always be having this fight. (See Romans 12:9-11)
  5. Never let the sun go down on your anger. This is serious. It's also the Word of God. (See Ephesians 4:26 and Psalm 4:4)
  6. Learn to listen; communication is essential and a listening heart can often be more effective than "the right answers."
  7. Husbands, remember that your wife will never have a problem submitting when you love her as Christ loved the Church.