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Interview with City Heights Campus Pastor: Micah Whitley
By Storytelling Team Member

When did you become a Christian?

I grew up in a Christian home and went to church a lot. However, I did not truly become born again until I graduated from high school.

Are you married? How many kids?

I’ve been married to a beautiful and wonderful woman of God (DeeDee) for 15 years; we have four lovely children.

How did you meet your wife?

After a season of seeking God with fervent prayer, I finally met my wife while producing a Christian-rap project for Unity Klan. God brought amazing clarity regarding DeeDee and me during this season. In fact, I was fully convinced she was “the one” before we actually met!

How did you come to be in ministry? 

I began serving in ministry with the youth choir at the church I grew up in. Although I was a natural when it came to music, I had to learn how to be a leader; this was not an easy process. Nevertheless, God shaped and molded me by surrounding me with great leaders and placing me in priceless growth opportunities.

You were previously the musical director for Rock Church Point Loma. What prompted you to become the campus pastor at City Heights?

Although I totally enjoyed the worship ministry at Rock Church, I knew God was calling me to another area of ministry. So, after much prayer, fasting, and undeniable God moments, I knew the Lord was transitioning me to lead the Rock Church City Heights campus.

So how is it going?

The City Heights campus is going great. Praise God! We’ve been open for 5 months and currently have an average Sunday attendance of over 1,300. Also, we’ve seen over 300 salvations, 500 rededications, and 1,000 healings take place since we’ve opened.  I just want to mention that numbers matter because each number represents a person. Each number we report is a life that has been impacted by the love of God. Come on somebody!

How has the City Heights community responded to the fact that Rock Church has moved in?

The community has responded very favorably to the Rock being here. Long before we launched, we began to purposefully build friendships with churches, businesses, and organizations in the Mid City area. We’re here to serve this community, to be a good neighbor, and to be a blessing!

What is the vision for City Heights?

The vision for the City Heights campus is the exact same as the other campuses. That’s Pervasive Hope: Reach people right where they are, every street, every person. Our prayer is that we represent Jesus in this community, make disciples, be His hands and feet, and to literally love everyone in our path.

Anything else you want to add?

Nothing else to say except: Thank YOU, Jesus and . . . Somebody say, “City Heights!”