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The Best Fair in Town
By Rock Church

The past and previous Sunday you may have noticed quite a few more people interacting outside the church before and after the services. What you may not have noticed was that this was more than your usual, encouraging iron-sharpening-iron-quality Christian interaction.

Come One, Come All

Over the two Sundays, a total of 194 people signed up to help out in Childrens' Ministry
Over the two Sundays, a total of 194 people signed up to help out in Childrens' Ministry

People came in droves, bringing their family and friends, and kids were ecstatic that 'the fair' was in town - the MINISTRY FAIR, that is!

Numerous ministries at the Rock were represented with informational tables for anyone interested in or with questions about specific ministries.

I personally apologize for those who might have shied away from the Writers' Ministry table due to an extremely funny looking man who spoke of actually writing about the Ministry Fair for the website. Despite the awkwardness, he's really a good guy, and it's a really good ministry.

Ministries 101

In the past few years, ministries have been evolving (this kind of evolution the church not only agrees with, but encourages!) with more and more people getting involved.

Volunteering and using the time, talents and abilities God has blessed us with to show His love and to witness to the lost is what the 'Church' is all about.

In 1 Corinthians 12, Paul speaks of the body of Christ and how every member should use the gifts God has given them to do God's will. With more than 40 ministries currently at the Rock (and some affiliated or combined with other churches), there is more than enough opportunity to use your gifts through ministries to bless others and please the Lord.

A Ministry For Everyone

With the plethora of ministries at the Rock, many people are involved in more than one. Seek the Lord and step out in faith. If a particular ministry doesn't suit you, go ahead and try another one. The most important thing is that you're serving somewhere.

Don't be negative if there isn't a ministry available that you feel called to participate in.

If God has blessed you with the talents to create doilies from scratch, then start a doily distributing ministry - and distribute those doilies with pride!

It may sound strange but if God has called you to do something out of the ordinary, step out in faith and you will be rewarded for your boldness and see amazing things happen for your obedience. There is no limit to what God can do with everything He has given to you when you step out in faith.

Do it, Do it

The Parking Ministry got 60 more people, just in time for the new Saturday services
The Parking Ministry got 60 more people, just in time for the new Saturday services

While working at the Writers' Ministry table, many people came with questions about this ministry as well as other ministries. As I spoke with John Smith* and Jane Doe* they told me they were thrilled to see how many people came to this event with a desire to get more involved.

Be as encouraged as they were to look into all the ministries as you pray to find out what more you can do to serve in the body of Christ.

Don't be shy to email ministry leaders with questions about their specific ministry.

There is no better example than Jesus Himself who led a life of serving others. Join in the ARMY of the Rock and with the body of Christ to lead souls to the Lord through serving.

A list of the Rock ministries is posted on this site with expanded information on each individual ministry and leaders' contact information. If you feel called to start a ministry that is not currently available, then all you doily enthusiasts can contact Tommy Moseley, Ministries Pastor.

Live life to your full potential and join in, in the ARMY of the Lord.

*Not surprisingly, these names have been made up but the story is real

Some Ministry Fair Statistics

  • 2,620 names were added to the ministry lists.
  • Average growth of 314% for community outreach ministries (ie. Foster Youth Mentor, Homeless, TJ House Building, etc.)
  • Average growth of 170% for activities related ministries (ie. Arts, Performance, Photo, Surf, etc.)

The Foster Youth Mentor Ministry had a total of 409 people sign up. There are currently only 350 kids on the waiting list in San Diego.