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From Pieces to Peace
By Dave Franco

Not long ago, my life had shattered into a million pieces. It was desperate times, and I was holding on to God moment by moment for hope, for sanity, for my life.

I had felt the call to get into a ministry and had been praying about it. My brothers had each spent time in prison and I felt I could relate to others going through the same thing. Suddenly I felt God closing that door and directing me to the hospitality ministry—which was very strange. I had no interest in hospitality. But I decided to obey.

It’s been an unbelievable way to serve. Before a visitor hears the music, or sees Pastor Miles take the stage, I get to make them feel welcomed and loved. It’s so great to bless people in this way, but I didn’t expect how my life would change in the process. My heart started to transform. God showed me His grace, passion and love through this ministry. It has strengthened my faith and walk. This ministry has given me a new family and support system. I am a completely different person—healed and whole.

I joined the hospitality ministry with a shattered heart.  But God, through the hospitality ministry, has put my heart and life back together again. What a gift He has given me.