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Ministry Highlight - Biblical Citizenship
By Dave Franco

Everybody can point to a time when their lives changed. Alana Sorensen can too, although for the monumental effect that it had, it certainly wasn’t a monumental event.

“A friend invited me to a small class at her church on America’s Christian roots,” Alana said. “I was hoping it would keep my interest. But a couple of minutes into it, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.”

Alana was shocked to learn just how inextricably tied the Bible and the founding of America really is. “The United States really is a country formed out of the pages of the scriptures,“ she adds. “If we really understood how strong the ties are, we would be a vastly different nation.”

The deeply spiritual foundation of America enlivened Alana and her citizenship took on new significance. Soon she was devouring everything she could on the subject. She read through about 100 books, including the Bible itself. That was life-changing moment number two. “I gave my life to Jesus,” Alana says. “Then suddenly, I had a calling.”

She tried starting issues-based ministries at other churches but got the cold shoulder—until she started the Rock’s Salt and Light Ministry. The ministry has helped the Rock family apply a Biblical lens to governmental, social and cultural issues. “We educate on what the Bible says about the issues and then encourage people to vote for candidates and issues that line up with those values.”

Salt and Light is a great resource for the confusion that one goes through when given a ballot. “We’re the perfect tool,” she says. “Pastor Miles wants the Rock to reach a 100% voter turn out this Election Day, November 6. Creating a future for America that honors God starts right here in our church. As long as we’re here, ready to explain every issue, nobody has an excuse!”

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