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Miraculous Healings in Oaxaca
By Sarah Doria

Two small speakers, a microphone, and Carlos standing in front of a couple hundred people: this was a new sight for him. Many were intently watching, attempting to guess what words would come out of his mouth. This is like walking into a mystical, new, uncharted territory, Carlos thought to himself. Never did I ever think I would be in front of so many people sharing God’s love so openly and inviting them to get healed by Jesus.

"...the Holy Spirit had something more in mind. As Cisco passed the microphone to Carlos, without hesitation Carlos said, 'If you have any physical pain come forward too.'"

The protocol seemed standard, yet organic. The aim was simple. To share the Gospel and watch people get moved by God unto salvation. The small short-term team from IMPACT 195 School of Ministry and the Oaxaca Rock Ambassadors had invited all the people they could to the main village square. Their program would include a short clown show for the children and a powerful sharing of the Good News by Cisco. After a few minutes, an invitation to accept Jesus into their hearts would be extended. A few stood up and approached the stage; these few got saved, but the Holy Spirit had something more in mind.

As Cisco passed the microphone to Carlos, without hesitation Carlos said, “If you have any physical pain come forward too.” As he realized what he had just said, he began to feel pain in his right knee. “If you have pain in your right knee, I challenge you, please come forward and watch how your pain will go away!”

Out of the sea of people, one woman came forward and said, “I have pain in my right knee. What are you going to do?”

Carlos responded, “I am going to pray for it—now watch how Jesus heals you immediately.”

 “Sure, please,” the woman replied with disbelief.

After a short thirty second prayer, Carlos asked her how she was feeling, and she said, “The pain is gone!” Carlos asked her again and said, “Enserio, dime la verdad,” which translated in English says, “Are you sure—tell me the truth.” She said, “Yes! The pain is gone!”

He was really excited and was so encouraged that he asked God, “Lord, who else do you want to heal?”

Immediately, he felt another pain on his shoulder. “If anyone has pain in his or her shoulder, please come forward. We have the remedy for that pain, and it’s free.” Now this time a young man came forward and said that he had fallen from a horse and had been living with a very painful injury for a few months now. Carlos asked him if he could pray for his shoulder, and if he would like to be healed right now. The young man said that he wanted to, and after a quick prayer, the young man was completely healed.

Carlos continued to get words of knowledge, physical pains, and images of broken bones and bruised and swollen body parts for about forty-five minutes. After calling out all of these words, pains, and visions, he prayed for every single person that came forward. Every single one of them that responded to his words of knowledge for pain and vision got healed!


POSTSCRIPT:  The Global Outreach Team (GO) exists to maximize Rock Church’s global impact by launching bases that effectively reach those most unreached. Bases are currently being developed in Haiti, Oaxaca, the Middle East, Thailand and India. Click HERE to learn more about our upcoming mission trips. Click HERE to learn more about IMPACT 195 School of Ministry.