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Moving the Hand of God…the Prayer Ministry

by Jenn Landry | January 30, 2006

Imagine your life without prayer. Isn't prayer what sustains the vitality of your Christian life?

"Any man or church that is to busy to pray is busier than God ever expected any church or human being to be." - William Evans

When we find ourselves in a predicament beyond our capabilities we turn to prayer. Even before we go about our day-to-day activities and ordinary tasks we should cover it in prayer.

If prayer is the center of our Christian life, prayer should be the center of our church. What happens to a praying church? We can see God move in amazing ways, ways in which we may have never seen otherwise.

Under the Umbrella of Prayer

Saturday morning men's prayer is one of many opportunities Rock members have to pray
Saturday morning men's prayer is one of many opportunities Rock members have to pray

There are many different facets of the prayer ministry. While the purpose of the ministry is to pray as a body of believers and lift up the needs of our church, this ministry takes on its purpose in many different elements.


Dunamis is the church's monthly prayer meeting that meets in the Rock sanctuary the last Tuesday of every month at 7 PM. This is a time for the church body to come together and pray for each other and each other's needs, as well as the pastors, ministries, and specific prayer needs for the Rock.

There is an extended intimate time of worship. There is time spent studying the Word as well. This is a service unlike the regular Sunday services because the emphasis is prayer.

Adopt a Pastor

Another facet of the prayer ministry is committing to pray for a pastor within the Rock. This is an opportunity to minister to the pastors of our church through prayer as they minister to us. When someone decides to commit to pray for a pastor they can receive e-mail updates from that pastor each month in what to pray specifically for his needs.


There is a team of people who have been trained to serve as altar call counselors at the Rock. They are available in the prayer room after each service to pray with those who have come forward in the altar call, or anyone who is just seeking prayer.

It is a blessing to have the opportunity to pray with those who are accepting Christ for the first time, or someone who is just struggling in their walk. It is an opportunity for those who do altar call counseling to help others get plugged into the church and help them to get their specific needs met.

Prayer Chain

The point of the prayer chain is to intercede on each other's behalf. Members of the Rock can submit prayer requests and there is a team of people that are committed to praying for those needs.

All it takes is a convenient commitment of praying for the needs of those who have requested prayer.

Intercessory Prayer

This is a ministry that takes place during each church service, in which a few people gather together, to pray for Pastor Miles, the service, and those attending while the service is in session.

Cultivating a Passion for Prayer

Another way to get involved is to sign up and pray for a Rock pastor
Another way to get involved is to sign up and pray for a Rock pastor

Suzanne Lederer the Prayer coordinator of the Rock envisions the church becoming a house of prayer. Her hope is that someday the church would no longer require a specific ministry dedicated to prayer, as every ministry would be continually be saturated in prayer, and that prayer would be the core of every person's life.

It has been said that the Sunday morning service of a church advertises the popularity of that particular church. The evening service is said to advertise the popularity of the pastor and the midweek meeting is said to advertise the popularity of Jesus.

The number of people attending the mid-week prayer meeting compared to the Sunday services often shows quite a difference; though the sanctuary is far from empty, it's nothing compared to a Sunday at 7:15. Sometimes it seems as if God's people can be gathered together for anything--but prayer.

What is it that drives us away from prayer? Is it the fear of praying out loud in large groups? Is it the discipline that prayer requires? It can be an assortment of things. What keeps you from embracing a lifestyle of prayer?

Dwelling in Jesus is what Prayer is All About

John 15:5 states, apart from me you can do nothing; those who dwell in me as I dwell in them, bear much fruit.

Prayer is about dwelling in the Lord. The result of a life committed to prayer sees God move in amazing and mysterious ways. Prayer is what draws us closer to the heart of God. So where do I begin, you ask? Just dive in. The only way to grow in prayer is to begin by praying.

There are many different avenues within the Rock to get plugged into the ministry and discipline of prayer. So begin by praying and see where God leads you.

Get Involved

More information about the Prayer Ministry and how to plug into all the opportunities available can be found on the Prayer Ministry section.


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