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Ministry Highlight: Musical Theater Ministry
By Dave Franco

Cory and Sarah Moesta, Tammi and Darren Waitley have fallen in love with the idea of people being on stage sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with preaching.

“A story well-told is unbelievably powerful,” says Cory.  “It seems the brain is designed to receive, process and apply stories. It’s through stories that we work out reality. Our minds are thirsty for them.”

That’s why they started Rock Musical Theater. It’s a ministry that hopes to reach audiences with stories filled with the love of Christ, but also to reach cast and crew alike—people who have a heart to learn about theater or offer their expertise. “We want the ministry to attract people from all over who want to be a part of something as powerful as a musical,” adds Sarah. “When that happens, we know there will be plenty of unchurched folks who will want to be a part of it. That’s a perfect opportunity to show them the love of Christ. So backstage will be as much a mission field as the audience.”

The four leaders have worked together in theater for the past five years performing at various churches, amusement parks, events and ministries. They offer expertise in singing, acting, dancing and tech.

One may ask, why is the stage so important to them? Why not just make stories on video?

“The stage is dangerous,” offers Cory. “Films are great and we all love them, but they are completely controlled by the makers. In a stage production, you can rehearse like crazy, but on the night it is performed, it takes on its own life because it truly is happening with no one person is in control. What a great place for God to release His power? How exciting is that?”

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