The Muslim Ministry and the new perspective

by Dave Franco | May 5, 2019

At a time when the Muslim faith is getting so much attention and is at the center of so much controversy, Amber found herself feeling called to reach out to them even though she is not Muslim or has any history with the religion in any way. She stepped out in faith and started Rock Church’s Muslim Ministry—an effort to communicate the love of Jesus and have educated conversations about Christ while making Muslim friends.

And while it would be easy for Amber and the ministry team to go out into San Diego with a head of steam eager to win Muslims for Christ, especially after learning that the number of Muslim converts to Christianity is skyrocketing in refugee camps across the Middle East, an interesting set of circumstances has changed their perspective.

It appears as though the freedom to practice religion here in the United States, plus good economic times and relative safety has created a Muslim of a far different stripe than those found in the refugee camps where life is incredibly, almost unfathomably difficult. The need for a Savior is vastly different.

But where there could be disappointment, there is much joy. Over time, God has confirmed within the ministry that making friendships with Muslims and showing the love of Jesus is good work that will bear much fruit. And if there was ever any need for affirmation that that is indeed what is going on, the elation within the hearts of each ministry member, and their increased faith, bears that out. Jesus in the hearts of Muslims and the Muslim Ministry alike is on the move.

Says Fabrice, a ministry team member, “A great wave of Muslim converts to Christianity will make its way west to the United States. And when it happens, much of the Muslim community will already be oriented toward trusting that Christians have their best interest at heart and that we are acting out of love—if we continue the work of reaching out to them at this time.”  

In the meantime, Fabrice, Ambe, and the team will continue going to mosques, parks, and wherever God leads to engage and make friends with Muslims, showing the love of Jesus—and loving every minute of it.


To learn more or join the Muslim Outreach Ministry, click here


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