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Never Off Mission
By Rock Church

6:00AM alarm goes off. 7:00AM we're out the door. We walk an hour to school. 8:00AM we meet for prayer. The reality is we're in a war. 9:00AM, the battle begins.

In the classroom we battle frustration with language barriers, fear of man, rejection, and mental fatigue. Learning the language is not easy, and that's not all that we're doing at school. The Instituto Cultural de Oaxaca is a place where people come from all over the world to learn Spanish and authentic Oaxacan culture. Each class is an eclectic mix of inpiduals who share an interest in mastering the Spanish language. For me, I have another ambition as well.

Each day, I eagerly search for opportunity to share the love of Christ. And, each day, God provides a way. Our first homework assignment was to write an autobiography in Spanish, so I wrote my testimony. When I presented it to the class, the response was an overwhelming... silence. And yet another day, we were discussing different issues happening in the world and my teacher asked me what my opinion was. As much as my Spanish would let me, I shared my desire to let people know what the book of Revelation says is coming as well as my hope that all would repent and be saved. After a few moments of silence, my teacher turned to my classmate next to me and asked him to share his opinion on my response. My classmate waited a long moment before responding when he refused to answer the question and changed the subject entirely. Every time I share, I'm met with rolled eyes or, in the case of the self-proclaimed pagan, emotionally charged hostility.

But God keeps giving me opportunities to share, so I keep sharing. I was tempted to feel it’s all in vain. And then one day recently a girl in my class approached me and asked if I would pray for her. In that moment, God provided the sweet reminder to keep sowing seeds regardless of the response. And so I do, day after day.

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