by Sheerah Haywood | October 26, 2013

When Shannon heard that a sister of her son’s friend was cutting herself, Shannon’s heart was touched and deeply moved. She, too, had gone through a low point in her life and knew what kind of pain the girl must be going through that made her resort to self-harm. Shannon desperately wanted to talk to the young girl, but didn’t know the family very well. After inviting the family to church one Sunday, Shannon and her husband began to develop a relationship with the girl’s father. He had been away from church for some time following his divorce and was grateful for the encouragement to return.

Shannon spoke with the girl’s father, telling him she knew about the cutting and understood the pain his daughter was going through. He agreed to let Shannon speak with his daughter, praying that she could bring a message of hope to the hurting teen.

Despite feeling discouraged by sudden personal events, Shannon and her husband agreed to have dinner at the family’s home. The young girl immediately retreated to her room, avoiding any social interaction. Shannon asked for a tour of the house and when they got to the daughter’s room, Shannon sparked a conversation. Broaching only surface level subjects, the girl seemed quickly at ease with Shannon and without prompting, told Shannon everything she was going through. Although surprised at the girl’s willingness to be so open, Shannon knew it was not a coincidence. She knew it was God.

Shannon’s heart broke for the young girl as she told her about her pain, struggles, and the cutting.

Shannon’s heart broke for the young girl as she told her about her pain, struggles, and the cutting. In return, Shannon relayed her story, telling her what she had been through. She also shared of her relationship with Jesus and how He was able to heal the wounds she held so deep inside. Shannon’s story and the message of the gospel resonated with the young girl. And as Shannon held her hand, leading her in prayer, the girl accepted Christ as her Savior. A day that started out dismal and distressing turned into one of joyful celebration as this young soul turned her life over to Christ.

Following up with family, Shannon bought the girl a Bible and brought her to church. She invested in her life, continuing to follow up with her and make sure she was doing well. The girl had enrolled in outpatient therapy to get the help she needed to work through her pain. No longer does she hear the demons that plagued her thought life. No longer does she listen to the lies of the enemy. Her desire to self-harm is gone. Through the power of the Holy Spirit and her newfound salvation, this young woman has new life.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.” 2 Corinthians 5:17

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How can YOU be a part of this story? PRAY! Pray for the family, pray for this young woman. Pray for healing and full recovery.

Are you struggling with emotional pain, self-harm or other internal wounds? Contact our Care Counseling department for counseling and related resources at 619.764.5119 or at the link below.


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