Interview with Nicole Franco | Video Department Managing Producer

by Dave Franco | September 20, 2014

Why did you go into film production?
Two reasons. When I saw Star Wars, it blew my mind. I felt permanently changed by what George Lucas put on that screen and knew at that moment I wanted to be a part of it, someway, somehow. I also wanted to act, but didn’t have the confidence to be in front of the camera—but definitely could be behind it. So, when I was a teenager, and a TV show was doing some production near my house, I went out and volunteered to help. I was hooked.

So what was the journey that led you to Rock Church?
After college, I came through the advertising agency production ranks until I became a producer shooting for Mattel, Mazda and Smokey Bear. Then I moved to New York and shot for Listerine and other pharmaceuticals. Then I was asked to produce the movie, To Save a Life, which was one of the craziest, most fulfilling experiences I’ve ever had. I finally began acting while in New York and I continue doing that today. Then I was asked to join Rock Church in 2011 and have loved it.

What drew you to Rock Church?
The Rock is a bold place. Pastor Miles and staff are not afraid to take risks in the process of reaching others for Jesus. And that is how I see Rock Films. We aren’t afraid to take on projects that are commonly thought of as too ambitious for a church. Which leads me to the other reason why I’m at the Rock: the talent is crazy. This is not a regular church audio/visual department. My team is made up of the most outstandingly creative, hardworking, innovative, gracious, self-sacrificing and just the best people any producer could ask for. I come from the LA and New York production scene and I’ve never seen anything like what we have here at Rock Church.

What do you think the impact of your job is?
Because of the Internet where content exists forever and is spread all around the world, our films have more opportunity to make an impact than ever before. I feel certain God will use them in ways we will never fully be aware of. In addition, I really look forward to our productions themselves because each is a very vibrant mission field, with actors and any additional crew we have to hire and location people we have to involve. Sometimes it’s just the spectacle of shooting. People want to know what’s going on. The productions are as effective for reaching others for Christ as the films themselves.

What’s has been the high point of being at Rock Church?
Last year we did our first short film called, Carry On Only. It was the only local short film selected to screen at the San Diego Film Festival. It was an incredible opportunity to share Rock Church and Rock Films with international filmmakers. It was such an honor. It also showcased the talent that we have on this team.

What’s the future for Rock Films?
We’re growing a quality volunteer and training program so that we can bring more talent into the church, but also send well-trained talent out into the world to do inspirational films or relocate to other churches to bless their productions.

So if you weren’t in production, what would you be doing?
Nope. This is it for me. I thank God everyday to be a part of Rock Films and have the privilege of working with such an amazing and talented team as we share Christ through film.

Last question. What’s your favorite movie?
To Save a Life. Four years after its release, it’s still changing lives, which amazes me that film can change behavior and have such a lasting impact on someone, in some cases literally saving lives.

Okay, okay. What’s your second favorite movie, then?
West side Story, Galaxy Quest, All about Eve, Terms of endearment, Jerry Maguire, Finding Neverland, Matrix, Star Trek, Pride and Prejudice, Sherlock Holmes, Strictly Ballroom, Fisher King, Contact…


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