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Get to know your Worship Leader: Nova Page

by Michael Blatnica | September 28, 2017

Nova was born and raised in Canada on a turkey farm and began singing at the age of two. She grew up in the church and received Christ at five years old. I spoke with Nova to learn a little more about her journey as a woman of God, singer, pastor and worship leader for the Point Loma Campus. 

Tell us a little about yourself.

I have been married to my wonderful husband Ricky for twenty-two years now. We have two children, Elisha who is seventeen and our daughter Shiloh, who is now five. My mom taught me about prayer, and after giving my life over to the Lord, I remember knowing that I would serve Jesus Christ forever. I began singing professionally at thirteen and have been a singer and songwriter for many years now. My career got started in the secular music industry, but I knew that this wasn’t God's calling for my life.          

Where did you meet your husband?

At Bible College. 

How many instruments can you play? 

Piano, guitar and yes, clarinet.

What does worship mean to you?

My whole life, from waking up to closing my eyes, I am going after God's presence and making my offering unto the Lord.

What do you want God to accomplish through your singing and worship?

I really want to see the people of God fall deeply in love with Jesus and for their lives to be changed and transformed by the love of Jesus Christ. For God to give me a particular word for that hour of service.

Do you ever get stage fright or butterflies?   

No. The Holy Spirit gives me butterflies for particular things. I get so excited when He takes me into deeper revelation for that day of service.

What has helped you to speak and sing in public?     

Biblical answer: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13. God wants to use us. We just need to say yes. I’m in love with Jesus and take Him seriously. He is the strong oxen; I am the weak one. I don’t have to take myself so seriously, as I do it in Jesus name, not my own name.

Who are some of your favorite worship singers?  

Bethel Music, Jenn Johnson, Hillsong United, and others.  

What does it mean to you to be the worship leader at Point Loma Campus?

Worshiping from a position of joy. Heaven is filled with the presence of joy. God moves me, and I’m letting worship lead – I’m not letting worship lead me. I see firsthand the struggles of pain and hardened hearts throughout the sanctuary as well as those with joy and peace in theirs, and I pray for each and every one of them. It’s such a privilege to do so. The darkness has to flee the room. When the word and working of the Holy Spirit come together, there is revival! It can be heavy at times but it's on Gods shoulders, not mine. I trust God and put him at His word.                

What do you pray for your team? 

We are ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I pray that God keeps us humble and grounded in His word and in His truth. We are God's beloved just like anyone else out in the crowd.

How do you decide from week to week who is going to be on stage singing and worshipping? 

I’m pretty strategic as to who is leading worship. I pray and ask the Lord throughout the week for His wisdom and guidance in this area, amongst others. I also want to give other worship pastors from the other campuses an opportunity to come to Point Loma and share in worship. We are one church, one body.

How was Floodgate (Night of Worship) discovered and what does it mean moving forward? 

God gave me this word, and I remember saying "Floodgate." We see the development in this, and it's going to be multigenerational. I believe He is moving in our city through worship in spirit and truth and is looking for people to join Him in the work at hand of bringing hope, peace, and love to a fallen and broken world. Props to our entire production team as they are shining Gods heart in a very creative way.      

Morning or night person?   

I became more mature, and now I go to bed earlier to get up and take care of my children. I love to have fun and laugh.

Sweet or spicy? 

Dark Chocolate – Just a little and Perrier water.      

You have a Sunday off, what do you do?

If I'm not leading worship, I’m traveling with my husband to East County Campus and loving on the people there. I also love the beach and putting my toes in the sand and water. 

Ocean or Mountains?

Most definitely the ocean.

Somehow you know it’s your last meal. Who would be there, what would you eat, and where would you be?

Keeping it pretty close with my husband, son, and daughter. Steak, salmon and all kinds of seafood. And yes, sparkling water! I would have it by the ocean at sunset with lounge chairs, a low farm table, white lights, and candles. Oh, and a fire pit with sailboats in the distance. I’m big on the environment and setting if you can’t tell by now.              


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