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NP3 Celebration Sunday Recap
By Rock Church
The Rock Church partied it up at Cox Arena
The Rock Church partied it up at Cox Arena

On November 16, the Rock Church ended its 40 Days of Prayer and Purpose small group series with Celebration Sunday, a special service held at SDSU's Cox Arena.

The Celebration

In addition to challenging church members to make commitments to the Nehemiah Project (the church's campaign for a new building), the event also celebrated the many good works that God has done for the church since its birth in February of 2000.

Thousands of church attendees crowded the arena as personal testimonies were shared. A choir, lighting and special video effects were all employed to enhance the worship experience.

Go ahead and check out the picture gallery for some nice photos from the event: NP3 Celebration Sunday Photos.

The Commitments

What a blessing to see the commitments that were made
What a blessing to see the commitments that were made

Pastor Miles' message emphasized commitment and sacrifice. To set that example, his family was the first to make a monetary pledge and to add a brick to the wall in front of the stage. This wall symbolized the resolve of the Rock Church in collectively building up the walls of its future home.

All those that call the Rock their "home church" were given the opportunity to support the NP3 vision. Families and individuals formed lines down the aisles of Cox Arena as each waited his or her turn to lay down a brick along with a commitment that could span the next three years.

Altogether, members of the Rock pledged approximately $15 million over the next three years to the project. We are excited about what God has done so far and we anticipate more contributions in the amount of $2 million over the next several months.

Getting Involved

If you haven't had the opportunity yet to contribute to the Nehemiah Project, it's not too late to get involved. We encourage you to pray and seek God's will about your involvement. If you would like more information, check out the NP3 website,

To contribute, please visit the NP3 Make a Donation section.

God's hand is upon this church, so let us rise up and build! Nehemiah 2:18