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Can One Week Change Your Life?
By Rock Church

Week of Prayer

Members of the Rock praying as a group
Members of the Rock praying as a group

In case you haven't heard, this week, November 10-14, has been designated the Week of Prayer. Plan to join us for this excellent time of prayer, worship, and growth.

From Monday-Thursday, 7-9 PM, the Rock will meet at Calvary Baptist Church, 6866 Linda Vista Road, and on Friday, 7-9 PM, we will meet in Point Loma outside of the new Rock Church & Training Center.

What is it?

According to the prayer coordinator of the Rock, Suzanne Lederer, "Each night will be different. There will be a different focus on what we pray about, how we pray, as well as different worship bands, etc. Each night has also been planned by a different member of the prayer team."

Suzanne says the Week of Prayer serves three purposes.

  1. It creates awareness of the different ministries.
  2. It affords the members of the church the opportunity to pray for wisdom and direction about their involvement in np3.
  3. It transforms us personally, because prayer changes us.

As mentioned, each night will have a different focus.

  • Monday: Marriages, Singles, and Elders
  • Tuesday: Jr. High and High School Ministries
  • Wednesday: Children's Ministry and Rock Academy
  • Thursday: College Ministry
  • Friday: Individual, Church, and City

Special Notes

  • Child care will be provided Wednesday night only
  • On Friday, please bring a lawn chair, blanket, and a flashlight as we will be outside.