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Rays of Hope... an Arts Ministry Event
By Brian Bearchell

I've been dropping my 15-year-old daughter off at the Epicenter several times a week for the last few months.

All I knew was that Megan was in a dance troupe that was connected to our church - the Rock, so how could I complain?

As part of her regular dance group, Ground Work, Megan has been challenged--in fact required--to get into God's Word, memorize the scriptures, and understand the importance of sharing the gospel with others.

Music was just one of the many ways the performers expressed God
Music was just one of the many ways the performers expressed God

She kept telling me this new group was putting a dance together to be performed at the upcoming "Rays of Hope," presented by Radiance, the artists' ministry at the Rock. Now, how can any father deny a request like that?

On one particular trip to practice she asked if we could stop at Home Depot, to buy a broom. A broom? "Yeah, I broke the one I was using, last week." What? Was she dancing or cleaning up the Epicenter, and what did that have to do with church?

The Event

Well, 7:30pm on March 10th, I was about to find out just what her determined effort was all about and what it had to do with our church.

"Rays of Hope" was a spectacular opportunity for artists of all kinds to share the gifts that God has given them, with us, the audience.

There was music, movement, poetry, prose, dancing, singing, painting, monologues, instrumentals and, yes, janitors--all coming together with one purpose: To express a love for God, the creator of who we are. At the back of the auditorium were some of the most amazing pieces of art I have ever seen. And, did I mention the splendid refreshments available, thanks to the Rock's Skate Ministry?

Expressions of God

Two of the performers from the janitor stomp team
Two of the performers from the janitor stomp team

To my daughter, dance is an expression of a gift God has given her. But more important than the dancing are the friends she met and continues to have fellowship with; Friends that share a common goal… to use their gifts to attract the non-believer into a personal relationship with the Lord.

The janitors were just one of the many expressions of these artists. It was a stomp routine, which challenged the 7 members to work together and use available instruments to beat out a common rhythm. Isn't that what the Christian life is all about…working together…using what God has given us to reach out to others?

Did anyone preach? Was there a sermon? No, but there was an amazing expression of God's love. You could feel His presence in amazing ways.

God has blessed each and every one of us with a way to express His love. On this night, artists were able to express these gifts to those of us in the audience…the 'saved' and potentially, those still searching for a relationship with the creator.

Look …there…the janitor on the left…with the new broom…that's my daughter.


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