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Reflections on Toys for Joy
By Kimmie McPherson & Nadege Douge

Toys for Joy: Reflections on Pure Joy
By Kimmie McPherson

As a leader of the Kid Zone during the Toys for Joy Community Outreach Event December 13, I had the opportunity to oversee three air jumps, a toy table, and a clown zone. Looking at the children’s faces, I was filled with many emotions. Not knowing their names, their homes, or the extent of their joy, I took a step into their world. I had been looking forward to this day all year, knowing that by my giving, I would receive something deeper; pure joy. As I extended my hand and gently lifted my voice, the blessings of both persons began.

During my time at the event, I gained a wonderful friend and helper who perfectly related to the children we encountered. Brianna and I became a tag team for distributing little hedgehogs keychains, which became popular during the day. As I listened to her heartfelt words pour into my soul, I agreed with her idea for the little toy animals. While many families with little children waited hours in line to receive their one toy, Brianna and I passed out free hedgehog key chains.

Brianna’s determination to pass out as many as possible reminded me of Jesus’ love for those families. As I continued to extend my arm to the children in line, I began to experience something in my heart that they did not know about; an irreplaceable feeling.

Toys for Joy: Reflections on Serving
By Nadege Douge

“We’ve been standing in line for the last three hours,” said a patient mother with her five children in tow. “But it’s worth the wait. We really appreciate what you guys are doing.”

Her comment was just one of several I heard from parents and family members at the Rock Church’s annual Toys for Joy Community Outreach Event Saturday, December 13. I thank God for the opportunity to help, as I was once in a situation similar to many of the 8,000 people who attended Toys for Joy. 

Despite the day’s cold weather, and spending long hours on our feet, serving the children of San Diego County was truly gratifying. It was remarkable to see the anticipation and joy on the children’s faces as they waited in line for hours. Serving the Lord and serving families in our community is an experience I will never forget.

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