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Top 9 New Year’s Resolutions (Plus 1)

by Miles McPherson | December 28, 2018

The Best New Year’s Resolution Ever


I hope you had a great Christmas! Now on to 2019!

Have you made your New Year’s resolution? You have? Great! Check out the list of the most common resolutions (in order) from just one year ago and see if yours is there.

1. Eat healthier/lose weight 

2. Get more exercise  

3. Save more money

4. Focus more on self-care, e.g. get sleep 

5. Read more 

6. New friends 

7. Learn a new skill 

8. Get a new job 

9. Get a new hobby  

Whatever your resolution is this year, I wish you all the best in accomplishing it. But I also have a suggestion for how you can achieve success. Take your most pressing resolution…and put it in second place. Make your number one resolution for 2019 to join us in reading through the entire bible. 


When you wake up in the morning, committed to experiencing God and seeking his power and presence, everything, and I do mean everything,goes better in your life. I didn’t say easier, but better. With that, all of your resolutions stand a better chance of success. God’s Word is the primer before the paint. But that is just the beginning. Your relationships will go better. Your demeanor will be lighter. Your walk will be more confident. Your expectations of God’s blessing will be more habitual. Your understanding of Him will be sharper. Your mind will be clearer. And your faith will be stronger. 

Which version of yourself do you think stands the better chance of succeeding in your resolution? Before committing to the Word or after? You may be thinking that reading through the Bible is impossible. In order to help you, I have included a link to receive a schedule to follow in order to read through the Bible in 2019 along with the rest of the church.

This list may seem long but focus on this: it will only require 15 minutes per day. Can you commit to that? Once God gets ahold of your heart through your reading, you will find yourself meditating on it longer but you can complete the daily reading in 15 minutes.

In addition, I will be teaching through the bible so that you will be somewhat prepared ahead of time each week for what you will read. We will also be providing rGroup and dGroup (discipleship) content for adults and children from the same reading. This is all part of our goal to encourage everyone to become better disciples of Christ in 2019. I cannot encourage you enough to make a resolution to commit 2019 to God’s Word and watch God guide you into your purpose and give clarity to the direction of your life.

What your heart really wants most is a close relationship with God and reading His word is an important component of that. And that’s why it deserves the number one spot on your resolutions list. 

I wish you a wonderful 2019. Great things are about to happen!


Pastor Miles


For more information about the Bible reading plan, click here.

Click here to sign up to receive daily devotionals during our 21 Day Fast.

For information about joining or leading an rGroup, click here.

dGroup information can be found here.


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