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Rock Hero: Austin Kendrick - March 2011
By Dave Franco

Austin Kendrick and his brother Asa grew up with the heartache of not knowing their dad. When they were 13 and 15, Asa began running with the wrong crowd and getting in lots of trouble.

In Austin’s attempt to get attention, he turned to rapping.

Their Aunt, a local pastor, organized a concert at her church and came to the house to pick up Asa, but he wanted nothing to do with it and left, leaving Austin alone. Determined to change someone’s life, she took Austin.

There, he saw young people hugging each other. He thought it was corny and ridiculous, but at the same time, he was attracted to the genuine affection. He had never seen kids from such diverse backgrounds love each other as friends.

That night, his Aunt used Asa story as the central theme to her message.

Listening closer than he normally would have, Austin learned that God wanted to be his Father and that God’s family could be his family.

He was moved to tears.

After coming to Christ, Austin threw himself into rapping for Jesus anywhere he could—bringing the street poetry of a lost young man who has been found by His creator. Most nights there was no pay. Often, it would cost him to perform. But he had a deep desire to tell others that there was power in the name of Jesus and that they could find their father and family in Him as well.

A record producer heard Austin and offered to produce a CD for free. At the release party, his brother Asa accepted Jesus.

Perhaps more than any other, he has helped to impact the high schoolers at Epic, the Rock’s High School Ministry. With his passion, he sets the tone for the serious pursuit of God—and the high schoolers can’t get enough.

He has stood up to high school principals who tried to disallow him from starting bible clubs, and has now started 3 clubs in San Diego.

He volunteers at convalescent homes. He even goes out to malls and movie theatres to ask kids about their lives and always points them to Jesus and invites them to the Rock.

Mark Bell, the high school pastor says, Austin has been the single most important influence on the lives of the other students. Many of the kids who have committed their lives to Christ can be directly linked to Austin.

Austin’s rap name is Awestruck. And we are awestruck at his love and passion to serve Jesus.

Congratulations Austin Kendrick, Rock Hero for March 2011

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