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Rock Hero: Jesse and Bethany Barrick - November 2011
By Dave Franco

Jesse and Bethany Barrick both came to Christ before making the Rock their home church.

Jesse was a pastor’s kid who grew up in Christian schools. Disillusioned by many classmates who blurred the lines between living Christian and secular lives, he decided to go to a secular college, where the distinctions between Christians and non-Christians were very clear…and he wanted to hang out with the non-Christians. But, living a life apart from God turned out to be the biggest disillusionment of all. Jesse made a conscious effort to reframe his life with as many Christians as he could. He landed at the Rock.

Bethany grew up without a religious upbringing. But when her grandmother led her mother to Christ, who then led her father to Christ, they immediately started taking Bethany to church—who went kicking and screaming. However after attending church for a few years, she too gave her life to Jesus. Years later, she too came to the Rock.

Upon coming to the Rock, they had new friends and a place to call home, but God was about to give them something they never expected: purpose.

They both loved kids, so they volunteered for the Rock Kids ministry. And suddenly, what they were supposed to do with their lives was revealed. “Time spent volunteering has blessed our lives in ways we could never imagine,” says Jesse. “The joy that God gives His people when they serve Him is something that I don’t think people know they are missing. To serve God is to feel His delight.”

For eleven years, they’ve served in nearly every capacity at Rock Kids, the Welcome Center and at Rock Amplified. Their love for kids has also compelled them to take on the responsibility of being Rock Kids Service Coordinators.

Jesse and Bethany are also leading the development and implementation of Rock Kids North County. They are so committed to the kids of the Rock that when Bethany gave birth to their baby daughter, they only missed a total of one week.

In addition, Jesse lends his tech skills to the IT Ministry and even serves as camera operator for Rock services—while still serving Rock Kids at the same time.

Both say the greatest joy is watching a child profess faith in Christ for the first time. And God has used them to bring thousands of kids to Him all over San Diego.

Says Lynette Lynn, director of the Children’s Ministry, “Jesse and Bethany have exceeded our expectation of a volunteer. Their entire lives are geared toward giving of themselves to God.”

And yet, no matter how much we serve,” adds Jesse, “God gives us more than all we could ever ask. Service is a way of life.”

Congratulations Jesse and Bethany Barrick, Rock Heroes for November 2011

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