Rock Hero: Cliff Elledge - October 2012

by Dave Franco | October 21, 2012

For years, Cliff Elledge and his wife Leigh Ann were deeply involved in the building up of two local church plants. One day they both felt led to try something new. “What about the Rock Church?” Leigh Ann said.

“I had only one request,” Cliff told her. “I didn’t want to get involved in anything. I just needed to rest and tend to myself for awhile"

But on the very first Sunday at The Rock, Cliff saw more people respond to the altar call than he ever had before. His eyes lit up and suddenly he felt differently.

“I wonder if they need help in the altar call ministry,” he told Leigh Ann.

Cliff did sign up for the Rock’s Altar Call Ministry, and since then has been the food service director for Toy’s for Joy, gives 6-10 hours a week as a part of the Pastoral Support Team, teaches the Foundations class 4 times a year, is a part of the San Diego Fire Department chaplaincy team, teaches the premarital training class, officiates at weddings and funerals and also performs hospital visitations. And if that isn’t enough, he sits on the board of Silent Voices, the Pro Life Ministry.

“In a way, I feel I am tending to myself,” says Cliff. “The more I volunteer my time to reach people for Christ, the more faithful God is to bless. And I am really blessed.”

Congratulations, Cliff Elledge, Rock Hero, October 2012


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