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Rock Hero: Dan Thomas - September 2009
By Kimberly Miller

God has given each of us specific gifts to use for the good of His kingdom. The Rock Church family is made up of amazing individuals who are constantly working to serve the Lord. One such individual is Dan Thomas, Rock Hero for September 2009.

Dan Thomas, leader of Young Married Cafe.

As the leader of the Young Married Cafe and a firefighter by occupation, Dan is confident that God uses him for good and will deliver him from danger. If you have any doubt about his faith, just ask to see his tattoo.

The tattoo of Daniel in the lion's den spreads across the back of his shoulders. Dan says it is a reminder that God will always protect him. In the Bible, Daniel was a devoted Christian who lived during a difficult time. Daniel's faith was tested and he had to choose to either flee or to stand firm in his beliefs. King Darius had signed a decree stating that if any person worshiped or prayed to anyone other than him, they would be thrown into the lion's den. Daniel could have taken the easy way out by choosing to denounce his faith. However, he decided to stand strong and follow God's teachings. Just as the king had promised, Daniel was thrown into the lion's den. In Daniel 6:16, King Darius says to David, "May your God, whom you serve continually, rescue you!" The very next morning, the king returned to the lion's den and to his amazement, he found Daniel was alive and well proving God provides for those who are faithful to Him.

This story is a constant inspiration to Dan. Just as God was ever present for Daniel, He is at work in Dan's life today. Dan and his wife, Jessica are both leaders of the Young Married Cafe. They work hard to help couples work through the challenges in their marriage and grow stronger in the Lord. They both understand the trials that come with marriage and can relate to the young couples to whom they minister.

Dan speaking at Young Married Cafe.

In the forefront of his mind is the bleak statistic that 85% of firefighters end up in divorce court.Dan atnd his wife Jessica are committed to putting God first in their marriage and are helping other couples do the same.

Amongst the Christian community, the quote, "The family that prays together, stays together" is well known. According to a study done by Dr. Tom Ellis, chairman of the Southern Baptist Convention's Council on the Family, the divorce rate for Christians who attend church regularly, and pray together is only 1 or 2 percent compared to the fifty percent probability that non-Christian couples will get a divorce. Thus the ministry that Dan participates in is imperative for young married couples. Couples who learn to build their relationships around Christian principles, can beat the odds.

Dan and Jessica met while helping to build a home in Mexico. They were just friends at first, but they quickly discovered that they had many things in common. Both of their lives revolved around sports, fellowship and adventure. They courted while training together for a marathon. Since they've been married, they have worked together as partners to help each other realize their dreams. With Jessica's help, Dan was able to graduate number one in his class at the Fire Academy. Now, they are working together to make Jessica's personal training business a success.

Dan and Jessica say they are still learning. They want to do everything they can to make their marriage and their personal lives a reflection of God and His mercy. The couple looks toward the future and waits in eager anticipation of what God has planned for them.

For Dan the path is clear-- when you're staring down a fire, in work or life, putting God first is the way to protection.

Congratulations Dan Thomas, Rock Hero for September 2009.

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