Rock Hero: Levi and Loida Guevara - January 2011

by Dave Franco | January 19, 2011

Levi and Loida Guevara met when their lives were going in opposite directions. Loida had just become a Christian and was seeking a relationship with God. Levi was battling a strong desire to pull away from the church completely.

They fell in love, married and immediately experienced a deep sense of loneliness in their marriage. During this time, Levi’s heart traveled far from God. He believed the only way out of his pain was to put an end to the marriage. So, just three years after they were married, he began divorce proceedings.

Meanwhile, Loida kept praying for a miracle. On the final day of the divorce, God spoke to Levi’s heart and provided a perspective and desire he thought was gone. In tears, he asked God to forgive him and asked Loida for another chance. God, by His gracious and loving hand, gave Loida the miracle she prayed for.

Loida and Levi began attending the Rock. One Sunday, Miles challenged the audience to serve the people of the church and community. Loida was for it. Levi was not, but he reluctantly agreed.

It was a pivotal moment.

They began serving together and immediately felt an uncommon peace followed by a powerful and unwavering joy.

Soon after, their lives started to fall apart around them: Levi lost his job, their beautiful home was foreclosed, and their retirement accounts were depleted. They moved into an apartment—then they were evicted. They lost one car and the other stopped working altogether. Finally they suffered the humiliation of having to live with friends.

And yet, because of their immersion in service, God seemed to increase their joy with each comfort that was being taken away. It was as if God was saying that the world’s disappointments cannot compare with the joys that He can give.

They volunteered for the Children’s Ministry, choir, set up, the worship band, tear down, the Rockpile, Rock U, small groups training, coaching, and Miles Ahead Ministries.

Today Levi is still unemployed, but he continues to trust that God will provide—and why shouldn’t he? Levi and Loida have been through so much and God has never let them down. Rather, He has lifted them up in miraculous ways. In the meantime, they both continue to serve the Rock, knowing that, “All things work together for good, to them that love God and are called according to His purpose.”

Levi is currently a volunteer as the Site Coordinator for the Rock North County; Loida is the assistant and has a passion to cook and feed the volunteers every week. They are always there to encourage others, reminding everyone that God is good no matter the circumstance. Whenever another pair of hands is needed, they are among the first to volunteer. Their selflessness alone is a powerful witness to the love of Christ.

Always, in trials and in triumphs, the one thing they express more than any other is: “Blessed be the name of the Lord.”

Congratulations Levi & Loida Guevara, Rock Heroes January 2011


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