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Rock Hero: The Holderbys - July 2009
By Pam Davis

From the beginning, Teresa and Ronnie Holderby have done whatever God has called them to do to help the Rock Church grow and bless the City of San Diego.

Ronnie and Teresa Holderby.

At San Diego State University, the Rock's first location, Teresa ran the store. Since the Rock only lived at Montezuma Hall on Sundays, it required that she pack and unpack the merchandise, load it in a trailer and move it every Sunday. Ronnie worked outside in the Parking Ministry. As the years went by and the Rock grew, the Holderbys served in Hospitality, Altar Call and started several small groups.

Eight years ago, Ronnie started the Men's Ministry. He had an idea of what it should be, but wanted God to lead and bless the ministry. He fasted for 40 days and then wrote down a plan. Today, the goal is still to help point and lead men to a relationship with Him. Ronnie says men can be trained and equipped to be leaders. The positive effects are felt in their families, the workplace and the church.

Sometimes men come to the ministry from prison, in debt, saddled with addictions, or on the verge of failing marriages and don't know how to make it better. In the ministry, they learn to be men of God. They learn to seek God first and base all decisions on prayer. Men's lives are changed. Wives and children often thank the ministry leaders for helping their men.

Ronnie with the men of the men's ministry.

Teresa runs the Women's Ministry, which started as a small group. Women of all ages are mentored and given biblical advice. The group makes a way for women to know the Lord and that gives them hope.

Both ministries provide a safe environment where those who seek God and His forgiveness can be transparent about their struggles. Ronnie and Teresa believe if you give it to the Lord, He makes a way.

Through it all, the Holderbys raised three children, grandchildren and ran a thriving business. Now, in addition to their family and business, their ministries have also become one of their priorities. They believe it's easy to say you don't have the time. However, if you seek the Lord, He makes the way. They feel God has called them to lead people to His grace using their own experiences and mistakes.

They believe it's easy to say you don't have the time. However, if you seek the Lord, He makes the way.

Ronnie and Teresa are happy to give their lives to God and invite others to do the same everyday. They say all He's looking for are faithful people and He can do amazing things through you, if you are open and available.

Do you know someone who is faithful in uplifting God's purpose for their life? Nominate them to be a Rock Hero.

Congratulations Ronnie and Teresa Holderby, June 2009's Rock Heroes.