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Rock Hero: Jack Costner - June 2013
By Rock Church

Few people would say that computer repair is the front line of evangelism. But for Jack Costner, a computer virus is an open door to share the Gospel. That’s why he founded the Jesus Geeks, the Rock Church ministry that offers computer services as it offers the love of Christ.

“What Jack does is amazing,” says Simon Roberts, Technical Project Manager at the Rock. “He takes the common problem of a faltering computer and sees it as a mission field. He diagnoses computers for free because when it’s free, the only reason he has done it is love. And that’s how he reflects Jesus.”

The Jesus Geeks bless the Rock Church, but also reach into the community to bless those who do not come to the Rock. They have even had a few opportunities to bless those who are hostile to the Rock. Their primary goal is to spread the love of Jesus by giving technology to underprivileged families—which helps with education and job placement, but also with spiritual growth (they install digital Bibles on all the computers they donate).

“As society grows more technology-dependent, the need for help will increase, opening up opportunities to save, equip, and send,” says Jack. “Jesus' ministry started 2000 years ago, but He is hard at work using modern technology to reach people today.”

Congratulations, Jack Costner, Rock Hero June 2013

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