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Rock Hero: Jacob Cervantes - January 2012
By Dave Franco

Jacob Cervantes is like most 16 year olds. He loves spending time with friends, playing football, learning about video cameras and noodling with computers.  But when school ends at 3 o’clock, life for Jacob takes on a very different look from your average high schooler.

By 3:30 he has driven all the way from his home in Otai Ranch to the Rock where he will spend the next 3-5 hours volunteering his time to Rock’s Production Arts.

It all started when he was 13 and he applied to run a camera for the Rock services. He was given the chance to man a locked off camera—but his level of skill and eagerness to learn caught the eye of Doug Mote, the Rock’s technical arts director.

He was quickly given the chance to learn the highly complex jib camera and Jacob took full command. He now covers for the main jib operator at all Rock’s services and has become so proficient that he has been given the responsibility to run the jib for many high profile acts such as Tim Hawkins, Hillsong and Toby Mac.

His talents and devotion to the Rock have caught the eye of nearly everyone associated with production. He is now head of production for EPIC, the high school ministry, arriving four hours early just to set up. He shoots and directs all the Rock student videos including the My Stories which have garnered a viral following.  

He also donates his time to the Rock’s IT department, cleaning out computers and installing new software for the Rock Academy. 

In addition, he has been tapped to shoot Rock News segments for much of the 2012 Vision video.  

Between Rock student, IT, EPIC and his Sunday duties—which have him arriving at the Rock at 6:30 AM and not leaving until 9:30 PM, Jacob routinely gives 30-40 hours a week.  

“His talents and character are so extraordinary, the entire department has come to rely on him,” says Managing producer for Rock Films, Nicole Franco. “Whenever we need something, Jacob is our first call—every time.”  

Says Jacob, “There is nothing better than using the talents God has given me to serve Him and the people of the Rock. I’m doing exactly what I want to be doing.”

And Jacob, you’re doing exactly what we want you to be doing too. We are so grateful for a heart like yours.  

Congratulations, Jacob Cervantes, this month’s Rock Hero.