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Rock Hero: Ken Davis - January 2009
By Rock Church

Ken Davis is a commanding figure. Not because he's 6'8'' tall, but because he has seen the Lord work miracles.

Ken leads the "Lifeline Ministry" at the Rock Church. Ministry volunteers visit convalescent homes in the area and witness to patients who are often at death's door. Ken says the work is challenging because the patients are in pain -- physically and emotionally. But over the last nine years, more than 1500 people have come to know God. He is being honored by the Rock Church as January's Rock Hero.

Never Meant to Start A Ministry

Initially Ken was reluctant to go into convalescent homes where people were sick and dying. "Why would I want to see that?" He had just planned to help the ministry get started, then turn it over to someone else. But when he walked into a home, something inside him changed. "I remember going in there and it hurt. I couldn't believe this modern society would leave people like this. I couldn't believe no one would care about these people."

Convalescent homes are there for those who cannot take care of themselves. Often people need help with basic tasks like bathing or feeding. It's a misnomer that convalescent homes are only for the elderly. Sometimes people are left helpless from an accident or plagued with a terminal disease. Ken says he found the people "...sweet and loving, even though they were broken physically and emotionally."

Something Ken can relate to.

Wild Childhood

Ken is a native San Diegan. He played football at Patrick Henry High and may have had a shot at college football, but says he got in with the wrong crowd. A reckless lifestyle lost him a chance to play football his senior year. After that, his life spiraled out of control.

He still bears the scars of what he says are several near-death experiences. He was 19 years old when he fell through a glass coffee table and cut his neck. Doctors say he was just millimeters away from cutting a major artery and bleeding to death.

"...he drove his van off of a cliff and plunged 90 feet. He landed momentarily in a tree, but the car continued to drop..."

A few months later, he drove his van off of a cliff and plunged 90 feet. He landed momentarily in a tree, but the car continued to drop. Ken says he prayed what he thought was his first and last prayer. Then something unexpected happened. God saved his life and at that moment, Ken dedicated his life to serving God.

Change brings blessings

After that, Ken's entire life was transformed. He says things just began to fall into place. He started college and was accepted into the very competitive Accounting Program at San Diego State University. Later, he worked as a corporate accountant for more than a decade. All the while, he kept his promise to God by serving in different ways through his church.

Then he walked into a convalescent home and found his calling.

Ken says it takes a very special person to be a Lifeline volunteer. He believes it requires a high-level of faithfulness. Over the years, many of the patients have become close friends, like family and mentors. And, over and over again, he's witnessed the change the Holy Spirit can make in an individual.

Wanda was one person Ken felt very close to. For years, she spent her days completely alone and angry. After Ken met her he prayed, read the Bible and patiently dealt with her anger every week for nine months. Then one day she accepted the Lord. From then on she was a different person...her character changed 180 degrees.

After seeing the transformation of one life after another, Ken felt there were no excuses not to live his life in the holiest way. After all, he asks, "Whose life is it anyway? Is it my life or God's life? Is it my time or God's time?" The answer is always God.